Why Electronics Are Killing Your Parenting

Maybe you're like me and you thought the occasional use of the ipad was going to be fine. It probably still is, but it's wise to be aware of how it affects the way we parent. Are you guilty, too?

She was probably about 4. I watched as her grandma pulled her into the restaurant and sat her at the table. Grandma opened the tablet and started a game before heading to the line. It was Wednesday afternoon and Firehouse Subs wasn't really all that busy. Grandma waited behind one person, ordered, and then sat down. Their food was delivered about two minutes later and that was when the scene got ugly. Grandma took the tablet away and she let out a squeal that I'm sure could be heard down … [Read more...]

How Lunch Almost Ruined My Homeschool (aka the Great Homeschool Lunch Disaster)

Yes, lunch was almost the end of us. The grilled cheese oozed down the backsplash and tortilla chips cascaded down the counter like a waterfall. But that was the last time. Come see how we fixed it.

It took every ounce of self-control not to lose my cool. Melted cheese oozed down the backsplash, a half-sliced apple was browning on the counter, and a bag of tortilla chips cascaded down the counter like a waterfall. Dirty dishes were everywhere and the clock blared a 2-minute warning to load up for our homeschool co-op. The table was piled high with co-mingling lunch plates, Bibles, and school notebooks. And frustration was swelling up in my heart like a teakettle about to explode. It's … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Finding The Perfect Morning Routine

Believe me, if you could have seen the cyclone back then, you'd know why I had to do something. Whether it's church,  school, or even homeschool co-op... we need a plan to get our mornings off to a great start!

Whether you are shuffling backpacks and lunch boxes to meet the school bus or organizing multiple kids and subjects for homeschool, we all face the morning frenzy. You know what I'm talking about. It's that way-too-small period of time between the blaring of the alarm clock and the beginning of our activities. You might recognize it by the sounds of screaming, crying, sheer hysteria... or even the buzzing of the dreaded "tardy bell." When I was a classroom teacher, this was one thing that … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Use a Homeschool Lesson Plan Book

The truth is- I couldn't make a homeschool lesson plan book work for me. I tried everything from little squares to digital boxes. The trouble was, it didn't fit. Come see what I use now and how it fosters accountability and independence in my children at the same time!

I love to be organized. It just makes me happy. But let's face it, the best laid organizational plans don't always come to fruition. That's true for my homeschool plans as well. Over the years I've kept a few different kinds of plan books and online planners. Sadly, most of them required more work than I could realistically keep up with. The trouble was, I didn't need to keep writing the next lesson number down, so I slacked off. I found myself opening up the plans day after day only to write … [Read more...]

Independent Learning in Homeschool: A FREE Video Seminar

People often wonder how I homeschool 4 kids, work full-time, and wear the title of "single mom." Well there's no magic here, but I will tell you that training my kids to be independent learners is a huge part of our success. Ready to revolutionize your homeschool? You'll love this FREE video!

It's often that people gaze upon my circumstances in amazement. I can't say that I blame them. Even the cashier's at Walmart wonder how I manage to homeschool 4 kids. They have no clue that I also work full-time and do this gig without a spouse. But I think this "amazement" occurs because we have the idea that as parents it's our job to do everything for our kids. I mean literally every single little thing. Most parents bring that sweet bundle of joy home from the hospital and suddenly swing … [Read more...]

5 Secrets to Keeping Up with Your Homeschool Portfolio

That pile of homeschool work is a thing of the past. You CAN become victorious with homeschool organization this year. Let me tell you my secrets!

So you've made a homeschool portfolio before. It sat on the shelf collecting dust until the day before your annual evaluation when you pulled an all-nighter trying to cram a year's worth of work into it. (Not that I would know this from experience or anything. *cough*) You know, we really give ourselves a hard time about this kind of stuff. As a homeschool mom, there is a lot on your plate. Trust me, I know. Even if you are a pretty organized person, things can easily get behind and you find … [Read more...]

How to Create a Homeschool Portfolio 101

Wondering how to create a homeschool portfolio? Got questions about the process? I've got simple answers and support for you!

If I even just hint at the word "portfolio" to a fellow homeschool mom, I can almost FEEL her squirm. She starts to feel all panicky inside, certain she isn't organized enough, diligent enough, or qualified enough to pull one off. Of course, she's wrong. A homeschool portfolio is a beautiful and wonderful thing AND anyone is totally capable of creating one for their homeschool. I promise.  So let's buckle down and figure out how to create a homeschool portfolio. You ready? Why you … [Read more...]