Holiday Blessings Bundle Sale

Holiday Blessings Bundle is the perfect way to keep Jesus at the center of your celebration. Your family will love sharing the stories behind beloved hymns, digging deep into scripture, and making sweet memories together.

I know I say this often, but do you know how valuable you are to me? I'm truly thankful for each and every person who reads Not Consumed. You bless me with your prayers and support. I want you to know that I pray for you, too. And I'm constantly looking for ways to express my gratitude to you by providing family-friendly resources that will truly bless your home. Which reminds me that I am super excited about my newest bundle. In fact, I'm so excited about it that I am kicking it off with a … [Read more...]

Short Vowel Word Study App

Look for a great way to teach reading to your little one? This short vowel word study app blew me away. Come see why you'll love it!

I remember fondly those days as a classroom teacher. We would sit at the kidney-bean-shaped table and my sweet students would sound out words until their tongues were sore. Sometimes it was painfully slow and other times the words came easily. Over the years of teaching and learning to teach, I learned two vital keys to the learning-to-read process. First, students must learn the components of the English language (we call these phonemes, or sounds). Second, they must practice these phonemes … [Read more...]

Laying Down the Superhero Cape

Life's trials have a way of weighing us down, but picking up that superhero cape won't help either. Did you know that there is a way to find true strength even when life is hard?

"God chose you to go through this because you are such a strong woman." Her words were like salt in my wounds. She was looking at my todays and making strong assumptions about my yesterdays. I tried to find words to avoid the confrontation, but they wouldn't come. I knew I had to speak the truth. "No." I said softy. "The strength you see is not mine and biblically that statement is false." We talked for what seemed like hours. We cried and even laughed before we prayed goodbye. I was … [Read more...]

How You Can Encourage a Single Mom Homeschool

Would you be willing to help  a single mom homeschool? I want to share  a few practical ways that you can do just that!

It was April and the chilly wind blew through my sweater. A group of friends and I had driven a few states over to attend a homeschool convention for the weekend. We were looking forward to fellowship, learning, and heart-warming encouragement. The plan was as it had always been--divide and conquer. Then we would share the highlights that night. Maybe all of that warm encouragement and fellowship was indeed there in those halls, but I never felt it. I never saw a smiling face, never felt a … [Read more...]

Stock your freezer sale

Every mom struggles to get food on the table. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner...we've got you covered with this fantastic freezer meal sale. Don't wait. Ends  10/27

Sale has ended. I have to be honest. For a very long time, I watched all of those freezer meals pins float through my Pinterest feed without clicking on a single one. It wasn't that I didn't like the idea of having food ready for dinner. I just felt like I was barely staying afloat. How would I find time to make all of those meals ahead? Plus, my finances were extremely limited. I couldn't afford to buy ingredients for months worth of food at a time. For me, the transition started with my … [Read more...]

For When You Feel Like You Are Failing as a Parent

Do you feel like you are failing as a parent? So often when I find myself frustrated with the same issues, I realize that I have forgotten this one thing...

Fingernail polish was smeared on the bed post, painted on the mirror, and all over his face. He came bouncing out of the room as if nothing had happened. All at once I wanted to scream and laugh and cry. Instead, I settled on a comment I knew was unwise. "Son, did you paint on these things?" Of course my question was met with a hearty, "No, not me." My failure once again slapped me in the face. Of course my 4-year-old was not going to admit that he did this. I knew better than to ask an obvious … [Read more...]

Fall Family Fun Night

Family fun night is all about simple and frugal fun for everyone. You'll love these easy games for any fall themed fun night!

There is something so beautiful about fall. Maybe it's the crisp air, the simmering apple cider, or the harvest of a tractor full of gorgeous pumpkins. Whatever it is, fall is deemed a favorite season by many, my family included. It's just the right temperature and the hope of fall brings out all the things that I love to eat. So naturally, we had to host our own Fall Family Fun Night. We figured that it just couldn't be fall without leaves, pumpkins, and indian corn. The concept of the … [Read more...]