How to Talk to Your Kids About Tragic News

Do you wonder what to say to your kids to help them stand firm in the faith when the world seems to be full of tragedy? You're not alone. These 3 simple truths are absolute, foundational, and exactly what they need to hear.

In light of several recent events in our society, I find the question, "How do I talk to my kids about this?" making its way into my inbox. As Christian parents, we KNOW that God has given us the responsibility to shepherd and disciple our children. And we want to. Trouble is, the formula for how isn't quite so straight forward. How much do we say? What do we share? Do we talk about it only if our kids bring it up? Should we watch the news together? How can we help our kids be sensitive … [Read more...]

Teaching Your Child to Have a Daily Quiet Time: A Step-by-Step Approach

As with everything in life, parents are responsible for teaching and discipling their children. The habit of a daily quiet time is no exception.  I'll walk you through our step-by-step approach. It's much more simple than you might imagine!

The #1 question I hear from parents is... how do I help my children foster their OWN faith? And it's a fair question. In a society where more than 66% of young people are walking away from the church, we want to know the answer. No, we NEED to know that answer. How can we help our kids truly know God as their personal Savior in a way that will never leave their hearts? I give a talk at homeschool conventions on this very topic. Not because I have actually succeeded at this as a parent, but … [Read more...]

Tools for Teaching Your Child to Have a Quiet Time

Are their tools that will help your child learn to love spending quiet time with the Lord? Of course! And they are closer than you think...

Sometimes as parents we feel completely inadequate to teach our kids about things that relate to our faith. It's not that we want to pass the buck to the pastor or youth workers; the truth is, we just don't feel as though we are equipped to do the job. But in Deuteronomy 6:6-7, God actually tells us exactly what He wants us to do: teach His commandments to our children ALL THE TIME. He doesn't put a disclaimer on it that says, "if you have time" or "if you have a theology degree." This … [Read more...]

3 Things to Teach Kids About Quiet Time

Before we can get to the business of helping our children develop a quiet time, we need to teach them a few things.  These three tips will keep them from buying into the guilt and empower them to succeed in this crucial habit.

The alarm clock taunts me with its sing-song beckon to jump out of bed. Honestly, I think I'd rather have a root canal. As usual, I didn't turn off the lights until after midnight last night and the pillow is just far more inviting than anything else competing for my attention. So I snooze a little longer and vow to shorten the morning's to-do list. Ever been there? I hate to admit that for most of my life, every single morning went like this. I would lie in bed until the very last possible … [Read more...]

Scripture For When You Feel Afraid

There is a reason why fear is mentioned over 365 times in the Bible. In some way, we all struggle with it. Maybe it's fear of something bad happening, fear of the future, fear of an ex-spouse, or even fear of the unknown. Whatever we fear, it's ungodly. Jesus died so we can have peace. It's time we claim it! FREE printable cards.

"The house falls dark and still. Stairs creak and unfamiliar noises haunt. There is no one there, I whisper to myself, trying to make it true. But once again fear takes me captive." I'd be lying if I didn't admit that fear has defined me for most of my life. In 2000, I slept with every light on for almost an entire year. Then I got over it only to fall back into the same patterns a few years later. I simply don't do ALONE very well. In fact, I'd rather get a root canal than be in a dark and … [Read more...]

How to Survive This Summer and Actually Like Your Kids

School is out and moms around the country are faced with the reality of summer. It's not that you don't like your kids. I know. It's just that they days get so long and everything gets so out of whack. But it doesn't have to be that way...

The final school bell has rung and Trapper Keepers flung into storage the trash. Slip 'n slides are begging to be used and popsicles are ready in the fridge. Yep, it's summer. For most parents, summer is a double-edged sword. We love the less hectic schedule, freedom from the stress of learning, and of course, sleeping in late. It's a blissful time... and it's a nightmare. In fact, even though we homeschool, I find myself longing for the summer to rush by. It's not that I don't enjoy … [Read more...]

Why Venting Your Emotions is the Worst Choice

When frustration rises, we often run to Facebook to "vent." Is this a good idea? Does it help us and those around us? You might be surprised at my answer.

I doubt I'll ever forget the day I opened that Coke. We were at a birthday party and everyone was dressed in their "coolest" 1980's garb. (Not because it was an oldies party, but because it actually WAS the 1980's.) Someone handed me a Coke and I sat down in the chair and popped the top open. What happened next is painted into my mind for eternity. The little bubbles in that can started to fizz up. At first, they seemed to lolly-gag in a slow motion sort of way. But within a nanosecond, … [Read more...]