Resurrection Basket Printables

Looking for an alternative to the traditional Easter basket? This Christ-Centered Resurrection basket is a wonderful fit for Easter this year. Focus on what really matters in your family with these FREE printables !

In our home, Easter is all about the cross. In fact, that famous little bunny has actually never even stopped by. It's not that we are bunny haters or anything. I simply found that I couldn't bring myself to focus Easter morning on it. I want that day to be all about the amazing gift that we have in the resurrection of our Savior. Maybe you do as well.So I came up with a compromise that has been a beautiful tradition in our home. Instead of a traditional basket and talk of a bunny, we have a … [Read more...]

Jelly Bean Prayer Printables

This little prayer has been a favorite at Easter time for many years. Perfect for Sunday School treats, neighbors, class parties, and Easter baskets. I pray that you will enjoy blessing others this year with this FREE Jelly Bean Prayer printable .

I can remember sitting there in that little yellow chair, decked out in my Easter Sunday dress, hat, and gloves, sorting out jelly beans for the jelly bean prayer. This little prayer has told the story of Jesus's sacrifice on the cross for generations!Not only the children in my Sunday school class that day, but children all over the world have clearly understood the love of Jesus through this little prayer. I suppose it's safe to say that I have fond memories of it, don't ya think?So … [Read more...]

Free Printable Easter Egg Coupons

Looking for an alternative to candy? You'll love these Easter egg coupon printables. Good for one free chore, a hug, 30 minutes of staying up late, a tickle session, and more!

I'm always looking for fun ways to encourage and reward my children. Last year I saw these super cute Easter egg coupons floating around Pinterest and figured that I had to make some for my kids. The coupons fit right inside the standard-sized plastic egg and can be an excellent alternative to candy, if you desire. I know that excess sugar can be a very valid concern on holidays!You could pop the coupons in a basket or hide them around the house! You might even mix them up with other eggs … [Read more...]

Scripture for When You Need Provision

I've been in that place where I had no idea where my next meal would come from. I've watched as God has provided in some of the most desperate times. And I've never once failed to feed my 4 kids despite some rather despairing circumstances. The truth is- God provides for our every need. Do you need a reminder of that today? FREE printable scripture cards for when you need provision.

The day was ordinary. Down the hall, I could hear the buzz of children happily playing and the hum of the washing machine busily making things clean. There was no reason to expect any hint of turmoil until I stepped in it.Purple goo oozed between my toes and onto my pant legs. A million scenarios flashed before my mind. Then I saw it. The laundry soap container had plummeted into a dismal sea of purple.The bottle itself had just come home from the store. And now I found myself mopping up … [Read more...]

3 Reasons to Visit a Playground Today

You probably know the typical reasons to run outside and get some fresh air, but I bet you haven't considered these 3 reasons to jump in the car and head to your favorite playground!

Before I even had children, I knew that the TV would play a very small role in our home, if any. After many years of training to be an Early Childhood Development Specialist, the television had gotten quite a bad reputation in my mind. I mean, there is only so many times that you can read about the negative effects of media on a child's mind before you simply can't bear the thought of them watching the thing.I definitely wanted my children to fill their minds with intelligent conversation, … [Read more...]

Names of Jesus Easter Countdown

Looking for a way to make Easter a lasting, memorable and meaningful holiday? This Names of Jesus Easter Countdown is the perfect way to celebrate this year. FREE printable!

There I was, standing in the Valentine's Day candy aisle at my favorite store when his little voice stabbed my heart. "Mommy, how many days until Christmas?" His mother laughed and said, "Oh, I guess about 300 or so." His little face just melted at her answer.And my heart felt the same way.I'm not going to assume that this little boy was looking forward to a mountain of presents (although I imagine it wouldn't be too far off from reality). But regardless, my heart wondered if Easter was … [Read more...]

6 MORE Best Bible Apps for Kids

There are thousands of amazing apps out there. How do you pick the best ones for your kids? By suggestions from your friends, of course. Check out our list of best Bible apps for kids!

I'm a bit of a technology junkie. Yes, it certainly has its quirks, but technology is a huge blessing in our lives, too. We've learned to control its use to benefit our homeschool and I've learned to use it more efficiently to run my business.But I've got to tell you, there is something so wonderful about seeing my kids learn God's Word using the iPad.We've used it to look up Biblical locations on maps, to memorize scripture, to quiz our knowledge, and to enhance our quiet time. When the … [Read more...]