How to Get Your Child to Listen

Something like "how many times do I have to tell you" or "why can't you ever listen to me" was welling up in my soul and I had to work hard to push it down. Have you ever felt that way? Believe it or not, there is a way to help your children be more successful at listening and then doing what is asked of them!

I looked down at the coat that was still lying on the floor. My voice bellowed out to the offending child, "Didn't I ask you to pick this coat up?"Something like "How many times do I have to tell you?" or "Why can't you ever listen to me?" was welling up in my soul and I had to work hard to push it down. I found myself standing there on the offending coat in the middle of the floor, wondering what I was doing wrong.I thought about his sisters and how much better they were at actually … [Read more...]

Teaching Responsibility with a Morning Checklist

Is your morning hectic? Do you find that your children can't seem to function without you doing it all for them? It's time to teach some independence and it all starts with this morning checklist. Free printable so come grab yours today.

Ever had one of those mornings when no one was dressed and all teeth were unbrushed at 11am? Believe me, I have too. In fact, nearly every day was like that until I made a major change.I had never been much of a clingy-helicopter type of mom. It's always been my goal that my children would take responsibility, learn independently, and thrive as a result. Through many years in the classroom studying for and then applying my degree, I became fully convinced that children learn better when … [Read more...]

Why Do the Wicked Prosper?

Do you ever feel like the people who do wrong seem to never stop prospering? It's  a question that many single moms ask themselves. And there is indeed an answer!

I held her little body close as once again she cried out over the depravity. "How is he getting away with these lies again?" she demanded. I sat quietly for a moment to make sure my answer to her was the right one. My mind flashed over all the things he had gotten away with. The pain of such injustice was indeed a lot to bear and I knew the exact searing of her little heart.I wanted to give her a different answer. One that would make sense. But the question was a difficult one.How can a … [Read more...]

How to Save Money Using Amazon Subscribe and Save

Save over $100 using Amazon subscribe and save instead of shopping at Walmart? Sign me up!

One of my biggest challenges as a mom is buying healthy foods on a budget without spending a lot of time in the store. I live in a rural farming community and our only option for shopping is an overpriced local chain with very limited selection.Not only is a trip into town to get groceries an all-day excursion, it’s exhausting. Once I’ve bought everything, I have to pack it all into the house. That’s not easy when you’re carrying an enormous 18-month-old!I’ve been a faithful user of … [Read more...]

How to Give Your Child A Heart of Humility


"But why do I have to pick it up? He got it out.""Can't you tell him to do it?""Why does he get to go first? It's my turn to go first!"Over and over these questions (and more) plague me, as a mother of four boys. My boys have the same sinful nature I do. They struggle with selfishness. They struggle with a lack of humility.Learning what humility means is a lifelong process. It's important we begin teaching our children what it is and why it's so important while they're … [Read more...]

Scripture for when you need a promise

Somewhere between that moment of impossibility and that glimmer of hope, we find scripture. It's everything we need for those moments when we are desperate for a promise. Free printable!

I read the text message again and the knot sinks deeper into my stomach. My arms tingle with hysteria and tears invade like a vicious summer storm. After nearly 4 years of crashing waves, you'd think I could stand up in the safety and protection of my Savior, knowing that I'm in the "shallow end" of His peace.But I don't. I sink deeper under the waves and give in to the pressure of the circumstances. The tears stain. The words echo searing scars into my heart.It's a familiar place. The … [Read more...]

Am I smart enough to homeschool?

How smart do you have to be to homeschool? Is there some level that you should achieve? A certain score on the SAT? Do you need a teaching certificate? I hope you will be encouraged by the answers to these questions and more!

The question itself had me all torn up inside.Here she was, filled with nothing but fear over the possibility. She knew that she wanted to homeschool her 3 beautiful children, but her feelings were shouting lies that she was struggling to drown out."Do you really think I am smart enough to homeschool?" she asked again, hoping that I would offer up something strong enough to convince her. My mind was racing with possible ways to answer the question. I felt about as desperate to convince … [Read more...]