break open the skies

It wasn’t just in between the lines.  Her despair was the breath of every word on the page. Circumstances loomed their dark angry clouds over her family and hope seemed a mere flicker of the distant past.

He’s leaving. It’s too late. It’s too far gone. There is nothing I can say to change it. Nothing I can do to fix it. Even God can’t fix this now.

My heart is painfully familiar with her feelings.  I’ve felt the pelting rain of the storm and cried the burning tears of betrayal.  I’ve fallen prey to the fear that whispers lies into the darkness.  My soul longs to give her a magic pill or best selling book that will push the storm clouds out of the valley. But that I can not offer.

All I have is a Savior.  A God who loves me (and her) not because of who am I, but because of who HE is.

A God who is mighty to save. (Zeph 3:17)

A God who will rescue me, protect me and answer me.  A God who will be with me in the darkness.  (Psalm 91:14-16)

Who am I to doubt His ability to save?  Is He not who He says He is?  Is He not the same God who brought the Isrealites out of egypt, parted the Jordan river, and made barren women mothers?

And if He is that same God, why on earth would it EVER cross my mind that He’s not able to change my circumstances?

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

Either every word in the Bible is true or every word is a lie.  It can’t be both. He is either God or He’s not.  There is no in-between.

The same God who makes the wind and waves obey Him, will save those who cry out to his name. (Psalm 34:17)  He’s not less today.  I just don’t bother to ask Him to be more. Or worse, I just give up!  Unwilling to have the faith He’s asking for.

God worked in the lives of Old Testament people who had faith.  (Hebrews 11)  He didn’t use kings, mighty warriors, perfect wives.  He used broken, imperfect people.  Unlikely riff raff that all had one thing in common:  faith.  They believed God and mountains moved. Families were saved.

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us.  Ephesians 3:20

I don’t have to be able to see HOW He will do it or WHY He will do it.  I just have to believe He will do it.

Do you REALLY believe Him?

Join the conversation~

What do you think keeps us from believing God?  What do you find it hard to believe God for?


You fought but you were just too weak
So you lost all the things you tried to keep
Now you’re on your knees
You’re on your knees
But wait everything can change
In a moments’ timeYou don’t have to be afraid’
Cause fear is just a lie
Open up your eyes
And He’ll break open the skies to save
Those who cry out His name
The one the wind and waves obey
Is strong enough to save you

Lyrics by Tenth Avenue North, Strong Enough to Save

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  1. Good Morning Kim!
      In my life, it has been mostly fear, which really just means a lack of faith.  I so want more of Him and am surrendering myself today!   -Blessings for sharing girl, Amy

    • I know all about fear.  There is a great song by Jason Gray… called There’s no thief like fear.  So true.  It steals every ounce of joy and hope!  

  2. mytaylormadehome says:

    Visiting from The Better Mom Link Up…

    I believe our own thoughts and our limited human knowledge keep us from believing God.  We place God in a box.  Just because something is outside of our control, we assume it is out of God’s control as well.

    Personally, my biggest issue right now is finances.  As a one-income family, life isn’t easy.  Money isn’t always in abundance and sometime I struggle with trusting God to meet our needs, despite the fact that he’s never let us down!!

    Wonderful post.  Great reminder that God is still doing mighty things…

    ~ Alana {}

    • Oh yes, money is a HUGE issue for so many of us.  I think about the story of Elijah and the dying widow.  Having the faith that God WILL come through when there isn’t enough money to go around can be so very hard.  Yet, HE has proven Himself faithful over and over again.  You’d think that we would quit worrying…  :-)

  3. messymarriage says:

    All she and anyone needs is our Savior. He truly is wonderful and mighty. Thanks for this inspiring word, Kim!

  4. I’m doing the bible in a year challenge. (I’ve read most of it, but now I hope to get all of it read this time). Anyway, it used to amaze me how quickly the Israelites forgot to believe their God would get them to the promised land. Now I’m like, oh yeah, that’s me. I’m full of questions: is God a personal God who will heal my friends, and yet let others live in garbage dumps? is it because I make God a small God to take care of my needs and not ask the big ask? Is it because I’m afraid I’ll have to take part in making the change. Anyway, that’s what rolls through my cold-addled head on reading your post … although I’ve been thinking about this for a little bit now. Blessings.

    • I feel like an Israelite almost daily. we have studied Joshua- 1 Samuel this year, so they come up often.  So often I think they are crazy only to turn around and realize that I do the same crazy stuff!

  5. I love posts that bring my mind to ponder on the character of God… thank you for building my faith today… because of the Word.

    Blessings to you… 

  6. Wonderful post – it is so easy to think that we can handle things on our own, I mean isn’t that what society wants us to think?  Reminders of how mighty our God is are needed daily – so thank you

    • Yes- exactly.  We are constantly indoctrinated with the worldly idea that we can do anything we put our minds to.  Wrong.  We can only do that which God puts His mind to do through us!  God is calling the shots.  Even if I refuse to accept that.

  7. Ah, I love this.  It’s so silly…I see what he’s done in my life…yet new storms…still taken me sitting and submitting by force of my will…to let go….it should be easier, right?  Thank you for linking this!

  8. Amen! Like you, when I’m tormented by fear and anxiety, I find myself going to the Scriptures, seeing the miracles and wonders He performed for those imperfect people, and reminding myself that He is the same now. He can do it again. And He DOES!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have been a Christian for almost twenty years, but I find myself being filled with doubt that God really does exist.  I don’t know what has perpetuated this lack of faith over the last year for me.

    • I don’t think you are alone.  We are constantly bombarded with lies.  The Bible says that not only does Satan lie to us, but he does so in a crafty way.  If it were bold and obvious, we would notice.  But he sneaks in and changes a truth just a tiny bit and molds it into a lie.  The slope gets slippery and before long we aren’t sure about anything.  Doubt is Satan’s lie.  He will do anything to create this doubt.

      Friend, you aren’t alone.  The Israelites doubted. The disciples doubted.  They even denied Him.  Follow their example and repent of your doubt.  Confess and ask Jesus to fill you with the hope that only he can bring to you.  Stand firm and believe.  Ask God to show you who He is.  If you wait, pray, and read His word…He will speak to you.  

      Be encouraged, friend.  Praying for you.

  10. says:

    Believing lies keeps me from Him. I love those lyrics from TANorth. Their music always speaks deep into my heart.

  11. MomLaurM says:

    I love that verse from Zephaniah! So much good in that book. Reading through Job, seeing just how raw and difficult it was for him – asking God WHY? But at the end of the day knowing God is sovereign. I find it easy to believe him when things go well, and difficult when things are tough. The amount of time between losing it and learning to fall on my face before his throne gets smaller each time as I spend more time studying his word, praying and striving to understand who he is. Great post today! Thank you! Visiting from Moms mustard seeds

    • You wrote: “The amount of time between losing it and learning to fall on my face before his throne gets smaller each time as I spend more time studying his word, praying and striving to understand who he is.”  I LOVE that.  That is totally who God has called us to be.  Not perfect.  Just striving.  Getting a little closer to Him with each step.  Thanks for sharing.

  12. God bless you lady.

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