5 days of husbandless homemaking {10 ways to make memories}

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New here? This week I am featuring a series on Husbandless Homemaking. I’d love for you to join me. You can read a little more about the series here.

Somedays I fall into bed, tears streaming down my face, barely able to move from the toils of being mommy. To say that motherhood is demanding would be a huge understatement. Add the word “single” to that title and it’s no wonder that people let out a sigh of sadness when they meet me. BUT, this is about more than just surviving. It’s a God-given calling to train and disciple His precious souls for the kingdom. I’m not called to survive. I’m called to be victorious over my circumstances.

It is for victory that I must choose to be intentional in my moments. For in a blink, the moment will be gone. I don’t want to miss what God has for us.

With limited resources, practically no time, and a mountain of responsibilities, it can be very hard to find ways to make memories with my kids. I’ve learned to think outside the box. So today I thought that I would inspire you with a few of the intentional things that I have done to make memories.

Play in the rain


Repurpose items into fun toys



Have chocolate fondue for dinner


Play hide-n-seek

Take a walk


Have lunch UNDER the table


Lay in the grass and gaze at the clouds


Play with friends


Have a cupcake


Roll in the leaves


As we wrap up this series, I pray that you are leaving this week inspired and armed with ideas to act upon. Please DO NOT let this post fill your heart with regret over what you haven’t done. God redeems that past and we have freedom in choosing His way for our future. Let this be an inspiration for the next five minutes. Something intentional and meaningful that will last an eternity.


Your turn! Please share ways that you make memories with your kids.


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  1. says

    I am so impressed with your ability to be focused and purposeful!  A simple idea that is always good for our family (seems to meet everyone’s needs):  reading aloud.  It’s a great way to be intentional before bed, especially!

  2. Erin E. says

    Fun ideas!  My girls love playing in rain puddles and they will love it when I suggest we eat under the table.  :-)

  3. ForThoseLittleMoments says

    Love this post!
    I’ve just found your blog through Pinterest and will be following from now!

  4. Sandi F says

    being a single mom myself, I often fear that working full time will leave my children with little memories…I’m praying for rain tomorrow. :) Thank you, this post had me with a little tear in my eye.

  5. Jessica McKinley says

    You are an inspiration and while I am not a single mom and have no idea of what it is like I can not imagine it is easy and you make it seem like a cakewalk! Thank you, you have opened my eyes and realized that if someone that has to do it by themselves can do it then I sould have zero problems doing it as well.

  6. Latrice Johnaon says

    Family game nights. Eat at the table together. I like to talk to my kids and tell stories a lot before we go to bed. They shorten our discussion sometimes but i think they really enjoy that time we have. Playing in the leaves is our favorite also!! :) Im smiling thinking about it now

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