Best Bible Apps for Kids

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I have to admit that Bible apps are some of my favorites. I’m all over Phil. 4:8…I want my kids to think first on things that are of God. I want their minds focused on the things that are pure and lovely and noble. So, we shall begin with first things first! My list of the best Bible apps for kids:


The ABC’s of God (iPad)

I can’t say enough good things about this app. Absolutely perfect for preschoolers, The ABC’s of God integrates letter recognition, handwriting, capital and lower case matching and word searches with Bible verses and attributes of God. Each letter of the alphabet is a descriptive word for God and an accompanying verse, such as Gracious, Zealous, and Truthful.

The handwriting practice is spectacular, as it first has the child trace, then draw on his own. Both capital and lower case are covered. Then the child goes to a search and find where he must find the letter. Next it’s on to God’s word to find the letter. At the end of the lesson, it reminds you of the attribute for that letter. My 4 year old boy loves this game, but his older sisters (7 and 8) are often caught enjoying it, too! Especially the word searches.


Adventure Bible Memory HD (iPad only)

I love that the kids can play games to memorize Bible verses with Adventure Bible Memory. You can choose the difficulty and verse. Players earn in-app prizes that make memory fun. Kids can add verses to their favorites list and even learn a new verse everyday. You can also scramble the order of the books in the Bible. Great practice!

There is a LITE version available that has 2 books of the Bible, which is basically a very limited preview.

Noah’s Ark- by Aguppy

You’ll love this fantastic app designed by a friend of mine. The proceeds from Noah’s Ark are for missions. She plans to translate the app into other languages, so that the message can be spread. The app is fun and innovative with lots of ways to interact with the story.

Bible Word Find (both iPad and iPod)

I love this simple Bible Word Find search game. There are three levels of play, making it great for many ages. All of my kids love to play it. It’s very straight forward. No adds. No gimmicks! Word searches are great for vocabulary building and spelling enrichment.

Jesus calling for Kids (iPod)

Leah (8) absolutely loves the Jesus Calling app. She sets the alert and reads her devotion everyday. I love that she is always excited about it. This app has a LITE version, which is a 7 day trial for free. After that, it’s $9.99. Expensive because you are getting an entire book. 365 days worth of devotions. We think it’s worth it.


A Good Word- (iPod and iPad)

A Good Word is a super fun way to memorize scripture for FREE. Play hang-man, complete word searches and more. The girls love it.


365 Bible Promises for Little Hearts LITE (iPad and ipod)

I love this cute little 365 Bible Promises app. The LITE version only includes 30 promises and it appears that the developer hasn’t finished the full version. Nonetheless, it’s free and cute. And what’s better than God’s promises?

Each page is interactive and will read aloud the promises to your child.


Bible Coloring Book (iPad and iPod)

Coloring apps are great for everyone. Toddlers love them and 8 year olds love them. Add a little Noah to the mix and everybody’s happy with this Bible Coloring Book. Plus, it’s FREE!



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  1. Marianne @ Abundant Life says:

    This is such a great list!  My kids are constantly asking to play on the ipad.  I have been tweaking the apps to more academic but I had no idea that there were so many great Bible apps for kids.  Love it!!

    • I hear that. When we first went electronic, I downloaded free games and didn’t care much about quality. And while most of them didn’t HURT my kids, so many were just silly and useless. I’d love to be purposeful with their time!

  2. Thanks for sharing these!  I’m going to go check them out! We have the ABCs of God, but I haven’t heard of the others!

    Thanks again!

  3. Joan Concilio Otto says:

    Kim, these are wonderful ideas – thank you so much for suggesting them!!

  4. we have a droid incredible.  ANyone have any suggestions of apps to use with that?

  5. Ipadhomeschooling says:

    Wow! Excellent list. Thanks for sharing ~ looking forward to playing with several of these.

  6. Great list.  You might also check out Big Church Bingo.  A listening tool to help children learn to listen to what’s being said in a worship service.

  7. Wonderful suggestions. I downloaded a few and am pleased.

    I advise, before spending $5 on the Adventure Bible Memory HD App, that you check for an update. It is currently on version 1.1, which was the most recent update since June 2011 (a whole year). It in, the Books of the Bible memory list is out of order. Song of Solomon, Obadiah, and Jonah are listed AFTER Revelation. I’ve submitted a bug report. We’ll have to wait for version 1.2 to fix it. Hopefully it won’t take another year to update to fix the problem. Until that time, it’s not worth the money, only to memorize something incorrectly.

  8. “Best Bible Apps for Kids – not consumed” was indeed a extremely nice blog, .
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  9. I love this list. I am going to check to see if any of them are also available for Android tablets.

    Thanks for linking up to the Hearts for Home blog hop!

    Heather @Upside Down Homeschooling recently posted…Blog Sponsorship Form PrintablesMy Profile

  10. Kim,

    We released our first apps in May of 2012 but now have 8 apps on Bible Heroes, 1 on the Life of Jesus (out of many we’re releasing) and 1 on Bible Songs.

    I’d love to give you a preview of them and get your thoughts!

  11. I love my ipad for all the ways it helps us to connect with Jesus. I already have 365 Bible Promises for Little Hearts lite for my little nephew but I also like rest of your suggestions. They are actually looking very good and useful. Will definitely try ‘em out. Thanks Kim for your reviews and recommendations.
    Nitz recently posted…10 Sites to Add Effects in Photo Online for FreeMy Profile

  12. Great job! I’m pinning your site. Keep up the good work!

  13. Audra Forler says:

    Love that you took the time to post this! I have been searching for children’s bible studies and not a clue on which to choose! But your insight is helpful! My boys are ages 8&9 and was wondering if you would have a recommendation for an app in this age group?

  14. Just released a new bible app that focuses on the Psalms and Proverbs. It presents the verse a line at a time with the word order randomly arranged. You simply touch the words in the correct order. It really forces you to focus on the text, and also helps to keep your mind from wandering.

    The game is styled in a unique mechanical/wood theme that is engaging, but does not distract.

    I would love to hear your opinions on it.
    Please email me directly if you would like a promo code.

    Matthew Bennett

  15. These are great! Thanks for posting!

  16. I just downloaded a few of these for my girls. Thank you.

  17. Hi Kim.

    We recently released the Superbook Kid’s Bible app as a free app for iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle. If you get an chance we would love it if you were able to try it out:

    The app includes videos and images from the Superbook Bible animation series and includes a full Bible (with audio) along with videos, images, trivia games, word searches, background information on Bible characters and has a Q&A with answers to common questions kid’s have about God and the Bible. All the content is also embedded within the Bible itself and you can personalize the Bible by uploading your own photos, making highlights, selecting favorite verses and making your own notes. To ensure the app is kid/family friendly, we offer the app for free and have ensured that the app does not contain any ads.

    Thanks so much!

  18. Kim,

    I just came across your web site. I like what you are doing with suggesting Bible apps for kids.

    Just wanted to suggest an app for your consideration, which I just published, called “The Game of Destiny.” Sub-titled “Where life is lived with an eternal perspective,” it is designed to promote conversations and challenge the thinking of both kids and adults, all in the atmosphere of a fun game. The target audience is kids 8-12 and their parents/grandparents. If you are interested, I would be glad to send you a promo code so you can try a free copy of the app. For more information and a link to a 3-minute video, see my web site,

    God bless,

    Jim Battle

  19. Katherine says:

    Wondering if you have any suggestions for Android Apps of the same nature? Thanks

  20. I wanted to share this interactive Bible App for Kids, from !!!

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