Half Birthday Celebration {Giveaway: Kindle}

Welcome friend! Today I am celebrating my bloggy half-birthday. I’m so blessed to share these pages with you everyday and today I want to thank you. I will be giving away a prize every hour until they are all gone! Be sure to check back, for your chance to pick up some goodies!

This is the last of today’s giveaways. Be sure you go to my home pages and check out the other 9 giveaways from today. All giveaways end on Sunday.

Giveaway #10 Can you believe it? Yes, I’m giving away a Kindle e-reader. (6″ wifi) You know you are jumping up an down right now. Just think of all the books you can read. Or all the books your children can read! There are even totally free downloads everyday.

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  1. Non-fiction….and thank you for the opportunity to win!

    Happy Half-Birthday! :)

    • The rafflecopter crashed, I re-installed it. If you have already entered, you will need to go back in and re-enter. Sorry! I guess this prize is popular!  Hehe!

  2. Joyfulmom4 says:

    How do I enter?

  3. Alaina Frederick says:

    The Rafflecopter is not showing up just a link to it. When I click on the link it’s saying I’ve already done all of the entries and I have not. 

  4. Non-fiction… I love biographies.

    • The rafflecopter crashed, I re-installed it. If you have already entered, you will need to go back in and re-enter. Sorry! I guess this prize is popular!  Hehe!

  5. Joyfulmom4 says:

    Rafflecopter is not showing up for me….. but if the question is – what is your favorite to read….. Historical biographies, especially of missionaries or historical fiction….all second place to the Bible.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Happy Half Boggy Anniversary! I am in awe of you and thankful for you and so happy to see your success!
    I had trouble with Rafflecopter just like a previous commenter. It gave me an entry for twitter but I have no twitter account.
    I read both fiction and non fiction. I prefer historical fiction or fiction that makes me think. I have a stack of books to read all the time and I have an even bigger wishlist. The kindle is a great invention for those of us that love to read.

  7. Joyfulmom4 says:

    I finally saw the refflecopter -but it said I have all 9/9 entries…..

  8. Whitney Gunter says:

    Non-fiction except when I am on vacation then its fiction!

  9. The rafflecopter crashed, so I will need you to go back in and re-enter. Sorry! I guess this prize is popular!  Hehe!

  10. Non-fiction :) 

  11. Beckyboyer says:

    Fiction, please! What a great giveaway!

  12. LOL! You had me at hello, er, “kindle.” =p
    Can I pick both? I mostly read non fiction but I mostly enjoy fiction. =)

  13. This one stumps me. I have a love affair with both.

  14. Mostly non-fiction with a some of fiction. I think that comes with being homeschoolers. We read lots of history, science, geography, and biographies.

  15. Lindsay says:

    Both.  I love them each at different times. Thank you so much for all the fun giveaways. 

  16. I want a Kindle so bad.  I have already started a Kindle library. lol

  17. Non. :)

  18. I like both.  I have been lately reading a book about sleeping for babies since I have a five month old :)  She is still getting her bearings in this world, I think!

  19. Awesome blog glad I found it.
    Love the Zkindle giveaway too.
    Followed you on Twitter.
    M. Waters

  20. n0n-ficti0n

  21. Helen Gullett says:

    Both. Thanks for the chance!!

  22. Alaina Frederick says:

    I’m a fan of both – so many good reads out there!!

  23. Fiction!

  24. Christina says:

    Yes please!  :)  Actually it depends on my mood! 

  25. Kim, I’m really enjoying your blog. The things you write about really speak to my heart. I’m glad I’ve met you, even if it’s only online. Karen

  26. I used to say non-fiction, but now I say bring on both!

  27. fiction

  28. Tynisia Garcia says:

    Happy Half Birthday!  Non-fiction!

  29. Joscelyne Hilton says:

    Non-fiction generally, but if I find some good fiction I’ll check it out.

  30. Heather says:

    Non-fiction lately.

  31. Fiction=escape:)

  32. Non fiction all the way… Unless I’m reading to the kids.

  33. Mikah Alge says:

    Both!  Found your blog because of the give-away, but I have enjoyed what I’ve seen!

  34. Do I have to choose?? If so, I guess . . . Fiction. :)

  35. Happy

  36. Happy Half-Birthday!   I’m definitely a fiction girl!

  37. Aundrea Cherry says:

    Happy Half-Birthday!!  I love Non-Fiction!

  38. Non-fiction

  39. Ljhoskins says:

    Awesome giveaway!
    Happy half-birthday!

  40. Fiction

  41. fiction

  42. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    Both fiction and non-fiction.

  44. Definitely NON-fiction! :)

  45. What an amazing giveaway- a Kindle?!

  46. I love nonfiction, but nothing beats a light, nf read on a summer day!

  47. Stacymwiley says:

    Fiction, but some real-life stories are inspiring, too :)

  48. Reedermv says:


  49. Smdorries says:

    Love your blog and hoping to win the giveaway!

  50. Basham628 says:


  51. definitely fiction! :)

  52. John and Brandee Spohr says:


  53. Non-fiction for me! =)

  54. Non-Fiction

  55. M-spence says:

    Both :)

  56. happy 1/2  year!  btw how do you enter?

  57. Mrs. Rachel says:

    Both fiction and non-fiction!

  58. Fiction! Just finished the Divergent series and loved it!

  59. Pamela D says:

    Mostly fiction but I enjoy non-fiction sometimes, too.

  60. This is an awesome give away!  I was just looking at these today and really really want one.

  61. Michelle Perdue says:

    Awesome giveaway!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  62. Rebecca N says:

    Non-fiction…mostly parenting and homeschooling books nowadays. 

  63. Mostly non-, but I try to squeeze in some good fiction every now and then. Keeps the imagination from going stale.

  64. Love both but have been doing more non fiction lately.

  65. seekingmyLord says:

    I read non-fiction more but I like to get lost in a really well written fiction once in a while too.  Does both count?

  66. momanddadz919496 says:

     I prefer fiction, but love anything called a book!! :)

  67. would love to win this for our homeschool

  68. Non-fiction. 

  69. oh gosh, that is a hard one.  i think that i have been reading a lot more fiction lately…i was getting burned out with all the non-fiction i keep putting in my life :-)

  70. I just found your blog!! Very Inspiring :)..I like both non-fiction and fiction..depends on my mood. Thanks for this opportunity!!

  71. JoNicole05 says:

    Fiction, but if I won I’d give it to my husband. He’s about to go to Afghanistan and I know he wants to be able to take something like this with him, but we just can’t afford it right now… Good luck to all!

  72. Taralyn Parker says:

    Both! I love to read everything!

  73. Christy Coy says:

    Fiction — thank you for the opportunity :)

  74. Cmccrimmon says:

    I would love to win a Kindle.  I have a library started for the day I will own one of my own.  Thank you for this opportunity.

  75. karengill2008 says:

    I Love Christian Non-fiction!  Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. I’m often reading both a non-fiction and a fiction book at the same time. I’m a birth doula so am always reading books about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, etc, etc or books about marriage or parenting as well as good stories. :)

  77. Lmkharrell says:

    yes please!!!! love both :)  this is a totally cool give away! 

  78. Mrafiki19 says:

    Fiction and Non-fiction. Do I have to choose??!!  :)

  79. Non-Fiction! Happy 1.5 B-day!! <3

  80. Daniellemarie31583 says:

    Both non fiction and fiction.

  81. Sabrina Coppak says:

    Non fiction mostly and fiction to clear it away after!  : )

  82. Marianne says:


  83. Fiction

  84. Karyn Tripp says:


  85. melanie says:

    Happy half-anniversary!  If this is how you celebrate the half – can’t wait for the full!  In other news, I just started my new blog and would love to be blog-friends – we have a lot in common.  www.shesourceful.com

    Melanie Sunukjian

  86. melanie says:

    Oh, and fiction, of course!

  87. Stephanie says:

    Fiction!!!  Happy 1/2 Birthday.  Last month I celebrated my children’s 6 1/2, 3 1/2, & 1 1/2 birthdays.  I’m a big fan of 1/2 birthdays!

  88. non-fiction

    your blog is so inspiring!

  89. Rebekah S says:

    Non-fiction. This is a new interest of mine, as I was previously fiction all the way.

  90. I like fiction but I seem to read more non-fiction.

  91. Layogamomma says:

    Definitely Fiction :)

  92. Fiction!

  93. Melissa says:


  94. mrspriceisright says:

    Why choose?  BOTH!  ;-)

  95. Heather P says:

    Both! I like the variety and the research!

  96. Both!  Thank you.  I will be starting homeschooling this August and my daughter would just love this to do her reading on.  Blessings and good luck to all!

  97. non-fiction!

  98. It depends on my mood really, I like to read both. Thank you for this opportunity, I just happened on your blog today, I love your posts :)

  99.  it depends on my mood really, I like to read both. Thank you for this
    opportunity, I just happened on your blog today, I love your posts :)

  100. awesome giveaway! i love to read, and try to make time every day for it. mostly non-fiction.

  101. I soo need a Kindle!  Ours just broke and it feels like I’ve lost all my books!  Just found your blog and love it.

  102. Marisa Loper says:

    what mom has time to read anything other than dr suess?! just teasing :)

  103. Kimberly Hall says:

    Kindle is a wonderful thing to give away for a prize.  Lots of people would love to have a Kindle reader so they don’t have to lug a big book around.  Happy Birthday and hope you have many more.

    God Bless!

  104. this would be cool to win!

  105. Non-fiction for me!

  106. Fiction!!

  107. Non-fiction, LOVE it.  Excited for a chance to win. Thank you

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