Orchestra Lapbook for Cycle 1 Classical Conversations

I’ve mentioned her before in my Organizing a Classical notebook post, but now it’s time for you to truly see the amazing work of my friend Karen from Wisdom and Righteousness. Up today, the Orchestra lapbook and study guide.

Of course anyone could use this guide for a study of classical composers, but it’s specifically designed for Classical Conversations, cycle 1. If teaching music makes you a little nervous, this is the resource for you! Karen has given you a wealth of information, even detailing what to say to your students.

Awesome Features:

*A very thorough script to help parents teach the content to their students

*Hands-on lapbook pages for the orchestra, instruments, and composers

*A complete timeline that ties history in with the composers

*Pages of beautiful and colorful artwork

*Tons of websites, games, printables and extra resources are listed

*It’s all done for you! Imagine the time you will save!



Perhaps one of my favorite features of the lapbook/study guide is the timeline. It’s wonderful to have a hands-on way to understand how things fit in history.


Below is a close-up of the individual composer pieces. Each mini-book contains biographical information, a photograph, famous works and more.


You will love this brand new resource. Just think of all the time you will save by having everything put together right here, complete with outside hyperlinks to music and more. You won’t need to supplement at all!

Karen has offered to graciously a free copy of the Orchestra Lapbook to TWO of my readers. Woot! Enter below.

Can’t wait? Go grab your own copy of the Orchestra lapbook now!

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  1. Amanda says

    This is such a nice giveaway! I did play an instrument when I was younger. Although I was not happy about it in the least, I played the baritone. ;)

  2. Kyle says

    Wonder if some of the activities would be suitable for a group setting like my abecedarian class. I think I’ll have to get it regardless.:)

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