24 Easter Books that Focus on the Cross

24 Easter Books that Reflect the Cross. My absolute favorites for teaching my children the deep, deep love of Jesus!

I LOVE holidays, especially Easter. It probably won’t surprise you that I have a huge box of favorite Easter books that we can’t wait to get out each year.¬†Little by little I am continuing to add to this wonderful collect as I want it to FAR surpass the collection of Christmas books in our house. Why? Of course it’s wonderful that Jesus was born and He is a priceless gift to us, but without Easter all of the wonder and hope of Christmas would be meaningless! So in my house, I am on a quest to make Easter the most celebrated event of the year.

So how about you? Do you have a favorite Easter book?


  1. Sanica says


    Thanks for sharing your list of Easter books. I put some of them on hold at my local library and I’m excited to read them with my kiddos. God bless! :)

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