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a meaningful valentine’s dinner

I love everything about food. Food is fun. Food is fantastic. Even when it’s simple. Over the past few years, I have learned to make holidays special with the simple things, the things we would be doing anyway….like dinner.

Last year, I had to really think outside the box.

I used green beans and a small tomato slice to spell the word LOVE.  I put pink food coloring in the mashed potatoes and served them in a fancy dish. Um…parents beware color really does affect the taste of your food. I kept thinking I was eating ice cream which caused them to tase very strange. Of course the kids loved it!

I topped it all off with a heart shaped meatloaf.

The year before, we had heart shaped pizzas.  Simply shape the pizza dough into a heart shape before baking.  The top with sauce and desired toppings.

All of these things were simple.  They took a little preplanning, but didn’t cost much.  The impact?  Huge.  Just a few days ago my 7  year old asked me if I was going to make pink potatoes again this year.  I can’t decide if  I will.  There are just so many fun things to try…

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Here are a few other simple ideas:


Do you have a special food tradition for Valentine’s?  Have you found a fun new idea to try this year?  Please share your ideas!



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