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Best Apps for Homeschool Moms


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I have to say that it’s been very difficult to choose which subjects to cover in this series. As we come to the end of the week, I’m sad that there are so many subjects that I couldn’t get to. While I could share apps for math, history, grammar or spelling, I simply feel that I can’t ignore mom. After all, there are so many apps that would make homeschooling much easier for mom. And if things are easier for mom, every subject is better! So, I bring you my list of Best Apps for Homeschool Moms!

The Blue Letter Bible (iPad, iPod)

Of course, we can’t teach our children well without the Bible. Blue Letter Bible has always been one of my favorite online sites. I was thrilled to see that they have an app. You can view different versions of the Bible, commentaries, or the Bible dictionary. You can mark or highlight favorite verses and even type notes about a passage.

Once you highlight a verse, you can simply select commentaries, dictionaries or the concordance. The history section records your more recently visited passages and the screen even has an autoscroll button that will slowly move up as you read. (FREE)


Old Schoolhouse Magazine App (ipod, ipad)

In this app , you can read and search both recent and past issues of the most popular homeschooling magazine, The Old Schoolhouse. You can search topics, bookmark great ideas and interact with ads. There is also a feature that allows you to read most recent feeds and blog posts. (FREE)


Motivated Moms (ipad, ipod)

Ok, this app makes me so happy, ya’ll.  Mom can assign chores to each child and their chore list is sent the their iPods! Mom can also make a list for herself. All of the tasks in an average home are listed. So you’ll never again forget to clean the garbage disposal or change the air filters. You can also add and create your own tasks. The app is very simple and straightforward. Nothing fancy, everything helpful. $4.99


Menu Planner (ipad, ipod)

Because you can’t teach them a thing if they are starving…right?

There are many menu planning apps on the market, but I think this one takes the cake. I like it because it will import recipes from websites, store previous menus, and create a shopping list. It’s a lot like the popular websites Plan to Eat, but it’s an app. And there is no monthly charge!

I also like that I can plan on my iPad and then it syncs to my phone. That way I always have my grocery list with me. I also like the drag and drop feature of the meals. Makes for easy planning. $2.99


iPlan Lessons (ipad, ipod)

I think you know that my loyalty is to Scholaric when it comes to homeschool planning, but I thought I would mention this planning app in case you are interested. You can organize lessons and student data. The app was not written for homeschoolers, but some have used it in that capacity. (Disclaimer- I don’t use this app personally.) $6.99


I can’t end the series without giving you at least one more resource. Apps for Homeschooling is a fantastic site for ideas. You can subscribe to their blog or Facebook page for updates. The best part about that is they send out free codes for apps all of the time.


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    Thanks so much for mentioning Apps for Homeschooling here on your blog! We were moving cross-country this summer so the free codes have been a bit sparse, but we’re kicking things back into gear this fall, so do join us! :)

    Lovely design by the way!

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