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finding joy in depression {review}

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes the sun doesn’t shine. Sometimes the sun shines, but we never really see it that way. These dark feelings might be a sign of depression. Did you know that as many as 40% of American’s battle depression? Defined as dark feelings that interfere with everyday life, depression is NOT a dirty word. It’s high time that we stand up and shout this truth.

Whether these dark feelings are caused by lies, circumstances, or chemical deficiencies is not the point.  Depression MUST be addressed.  Left alone, these feelings will lead to grave danger. Perhaps not suicide, but surely the death of all things healthy in your life and the life of your family members.

The trouble is, we don’t want to admit that we struggle with depression.  We’d prefer to live in secret. It’s seen as a scarlet letter. An embarrassing secret.  A label meant to call people out as faithless or godless.

Perhaps you don’t really think that depression is a secret to be kept, but you are living in denial over your own battle. I think it’s easy to blame it on the circumstances. Deeming it temporary or a simple lack of faith. While I may need more faith, sometimes willing myself to pray harder is simply not enough to battle the depression within.

If you can relate to these thoughts, I want to introduce you to an excellent resource. Finding Joy in Depression by Amanda Pelser presents a refreshing view of the battle with depression.  If you have ever battled depression or wondered if you battle depression, you will enjoy Amanda’s expertise.  If you are still in denial that you are battling with depression…this book is for you, too!

You can expect this book to

~tackle the astigmatism associated with depression
~challenge you to evaluate the possibility of struggling with depression
~discuss methods of treatment
~give concrete suggestions for dietary changes and other management tips outside of medication


I love Finding Joy in Depression because Amanda is so transparent with her journey and struggle with depression.  She invites the reader to truly accept depression as what it really is…a medical condition.  You would get medical help if you cut your arm off, right? Why not get help for depression? Finding Joy in Depression will encourage you to seek this help, as well as offer helpful tips. Come on. It’s for your health.

I know that you want your own copy of this easy to read ebook. Amanda has graciously donated a copy for me to giveaway to one reader. To enter, follow the instructions in the box below. If you can not see the giveaway box, please click here.

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