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organizing Classical Conversations


I am so excited to announce a 5-day series on organizing for Classical Conversations. I will feature ideas from my own personal experience with the program, as well as many amazing resources from my favorite websites and pinterest boards. You are sure to find something that will work well for your homeschool!


Organizing Classical Conversations:

Day 1 At Home Set-up

Day 2 The Memory Work 

Day 3 Materials

Day 4 A Classical Notebook

Day 5 Organizing for teachers


This series is sponsored by my absolute favorite homeschool organizing tool…Scholaric Planner. Scholaric makes my planning life a breeze!


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  1. Yvana Hernandez says

    Ok. I ready for this series, since I am currently in the middle of organizing, planning and starting CC Cycle one..Look forward to reading all that you have.


  2. Chaya says

    Excited about this too…it’s our first year for CC…questoin: do you have a recommendation for phonics? We’ve been looking at a whole LOT of stuff and I’m feeling overwhelmed. My oldest is behind with it.

    • says

      Have you looked at All About Spelling? I believe that we learn to read by learning the phonemes in the language. I haven’t used All About Spelling yet. (I just got it) But I do think that it will be great for this purpose.

      • Chaya says

        Okay, after reviewing 4 different programs and feeling overwhelmed, I just checked out AAS and LOVED it! It was what I was looking for & at a great price, too. Just bought it! Thanks for the suggestion :)

    • Ann Rannebarger says

      We use AAS too. Started level one with my second grader last year and will have a 2nd and 3rd grader this year, doing levels 1 and 2 respectively. Good so far. How old is your child?

      • Chaya says

        Thanks…a dear friend and my oidest’s Sunday School teacher happens to be a retired English teacher. She expressed concern that he’s behind. He’s 6 1/2. I also have a 4 year old and I plan on starting over with both and teaching them together (to make sure my oldest gets all of the basics). I haven’t checked into “All About Spelling” and I’ll do that!

  3. Ann Rannebarger says

    We’re going into our fifth CC year and *love it* :) Really looking forward to this series as there is always more to learn. First day of classes is Friday!!

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