hope: {confident expectation}


The year was 2003.  Tragedy fell harsh around me. Just one week before, we had stared blankly as the doctor revealed that our baby had died.  We had prayed over the nursery, held each other, and cried out before our Lord. But there was no heartbeat. I vividly remember laying in that hospital bed awaiting my D&C, listening to weeping women all around me.  Through the closed curtains I could easily imagine their faces.  I could personally feel their pain.  Yet, there was something inside … [Read more...]

meaningful valentine’s scripture

Meaningful valentine's scripture...great for any age valentine!

While scripture about LOVE is welcomed anytime of the year, holidays are an excellent time to review or learn anew.  Since the hub of our home is the kitchen, I thought this would be a great place to post some reminders.  I used the following scriptures and put them on heart cut-outs that I made out of scrapbooking paper and stickers.  When we walk by, scripture is planted on our minds and hearts so that we can act upon it's truths.   How to Love God~ In fact, this is love for … [Read more...]