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top 10 reasons my kids like being home schooled


I am so excited to bring you my very first vlog (a vlog is a video blog.)  Today the kids have made a top 10 list of reasons that they enjoy being home schooled. I hope it encourages you and/or makes you smile. If you are not a homeschooler, we love you and we respect your choice not to homeschool. This list is in no way intended to portray any other feelings. We are all called to walk our own roads and let us be ever thankful for the one that God has chosen for each of us!

Notes from the video:

Top ten reasons we love homeschooling

1. School at home is much shorter.

2. We have time to play.

3. We can do school with our dolls.

4. We go on field trips with our friends.

5. We do school anywhere like the park or creek.

6. We get to spend time with our family.

7. We get to do arts and crafts.

8. We can take breaks.

9. We get to read as many horse books as we like.

10. School is so fun, it hardly even seems like we are doing school.



I hope you have enjoyed this post. Each Tuesday, I am teaming up with a wonderful group of homeschool bloggers to bring you 10 weeks of Top Ten Homeschooling Lists. Be sure you stop by ihomeschool network where you will find a list of over 30 other bloggers participating in the series.

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