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  1. Wow! Thank you for this post. God really spoke to my heart so plainly that I texted my kid and just flat out asked her if she ever had scripture pop into her head to help her with things. I have a lot of roll modeling to do!! Thank you thank you thank you

  2. Good reminder. I often loosely quote scripture about things that are going on, but not so much about personal applicability. Have to give that more thought…

  3. What a great post! So important & something I need to work on personally. Only a few times has my oldest (6 yr old son) recalled scripture out loud in an applicable moment, to which my heart was encouraged! One tool we’ve used that I believe has helped us all with that is the child training bible system. In our home, we just call it ‘ The family Bible’ because I use it for my own sinful moments & for guidance. Here’s the link below, but a brief description from me, a loyal user, would be this: you chose a Bible that is in The version you want your kids to memorize or the version they best understand. Then you purchase the CTB resources, colored highlighters, & various colored tabs. You bookmark & highlight verses in color families based off of topics like ‘ fighting’, ‘lying’, defiance’, ‘gospel’, and many more. When sin arises, you go to that color & read a verse or 2 & if you’d like there’s an easy to use page of great heart questions & prayers for that individual sin problem. Some parents might have the children write the verse too, not as a punishment but to help memorize. You can add your own favorite verses and create new tabs/topics that are individual to your children but I find that The CTB resources are thorough. We use this resource daily (and like I said, I use it on myself a LOT!) and it has helped us to memorize scripture that deeply applied to our hearts.

  4. Kim,

    What do you (or others) think of this “Child Training Bible” system (mentioned in a comment on 8/19)? I’ve never seen it before, but I looked it up and it seems to fit well with my personality and approach to things. Maybe I should try it on myself first!

  5. We do call outs. I say the beginning of the verse and the child or children finish it for me (without the address tho? – I should really add that in) when it is applicable throughout the day.

  6. Role modeling God’s word is the glue that holds all methods together. Whatever “method” or Bible version you choose to use, remember that it’s in modeling Godly behavior and right thinking (Phil 4:8) that is the glue that binds all our efforts together, (ie: devotionals, prayer, servitude, etc). Good habits are what we strive for. “First clean the inside of the cup, then the outside will also be clean.” In this way, the child’s heart is more apt to be sensitive to His conviction and His presence. And even then….we all have to make a choice. God does not have grandchildren….only children.

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