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  1. Awesome. So I have the right idea. My 4 who is only child. I have put in her homeschool day. Must play by herself for 30 minutes. sense last yr. she is doing so much better now. working on the school work as it comes up to parts she can do by herself. like page 2 of math. I have given her free preschool pages just to see if she can do by herself now that she knows that stuff. we are getting there but she is on the younger end f this at 4. Oh and it amazes me how my 3 and 4 ant dress themselves. she did at 2 weeks over 2 as she had pulled everything off and put back on like all 18m to 2 yr olds. ok all being that they should have if you let them.

  2. When I pulled my child out of brick and mortar school at the beginning of 2nd grade. I faced a firing squad of the school principal, counselor and teacher who told me my child would not only be “unsocialized” but that he would also be “dependent” on me and a “momma’s boy.”

    This is our 5th year of homeschooling. I have an 11 year old who sets him alarm, gets himself out of bed, dresses himself, fixes his own breakfast, follows his schedule, asks for help if he runs into problems, fixes his own lunch, knows how to cook a few basic recipes, cleans his own room, bathes himself, takes out the trash, and as needed drives the trash the 1/4 mile down our driveway to the trash cans using the riding lawn tractor and cart. He sets the table, and clears the table without being asked. He is polite and welcome wherever he goes. Although he is an introvert, he is completely confident talking to adults and other kids alike out in public. We operate on the model of I’ll show you how to do it, then I’ll watch you do it and then you’re on your own. Let me know if you need help.

    1. Hello,
      My child is in 2 grade and going to 3 grade. We have been thinking home schooling too. The school just gave us so much reasons how he did nt or cant or nt following the course. I am mad! So please let me know how to do this home schooling. Does the child take some kind tests ?

      1. Taking a test is not required to begin a homeschool. You will need to find information from your particular state’s department of non-public education. They usually have a good working website.

      2. Check with your state what’s required there, but be assured that you can do this! Kim’s Organized Homeschooling Planner helped me a lot to be intentional about our homeschool. And her notebooks or portfolios (I forgot how she named them) for students helped me keep records of our learning daily and weekly. That’s where we started and it’s going great so far, despite difficult days.

    1. Thanks! The link will take you to the course page now where you can sign up!
      Suzanne@Not Consumed

  3. Hi, Kim, the link to the video masterclass takes us to the FAQ page. Id love to forward this to some homeschooling friends who are struggling in this area. Thank you for your great tips!

    1. Thanks! The link will take you to the course page now where you can sign up!
      Suzanne@Not Consumed

  4. Though my kids still attend a public school, we really have a great public school program here. I would like to work with myself and my kids for a more independent study lifestyle. This summer, I would like to see that we are not wasting our days but making progress toward a more productive lifestyle. We are making small strides but seeing great improvements. I thank you for your wonderful resources and recommendations.

  5. Delight directed learning and reinforcing their learning styles, along with having your own love of learning makes it easy to transition from institutionalized thought model learning, to a great independent learner. Learn who your child is and what their learning styles and interests are and the rest will flow.

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