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  1. Wonderful! Right this moment, one of my children is in surgery. It’s a surgery that is necessary, but cannot do the ultimate healing and answer his prayer to walk again (with the condition he had since birth, he never should have been able to walk in the first place). But God can and we believe will, but it’s His plan on how He chooses to accomplish things in our lives- and it’s for our good because He loves us. You are so right that it’s too easy to let both seemingly little or big things to totally consume us, forgetting that nothing is too big for Him and that He is working in every little detail in our lives and if we keep our eyes open and lifted to Him, we will see all the man ways He is working on our behalf every day. What a beautiful reminder of those things!!! Thank you! I needed that encouragement and reminder today- as I look for all the many ways God is working miracles today and encourage my son to do the same! May God bless you deeply and richly in every way today!!!!!!

  2. Thank you, Kim. I have two children addicted to opioids. Your laundry soap story is a good reminder that if He cares about laundry, how much more does He care about us. Great is His faithfulness! He still does miracles.

  3. Thank you for all the beautiful reminders. Thank you for reminding me to remember that God is our provider. So many times I get lost in the feeling that I am not doing enough, making enough, or just being enough.

  4. Thank you for the encouragement and soap story! I was praying super hard one day and God told me to look in a box of my grandmother’s things packed away for 20 years now. Inside I found a mayonnaise jar with her small rainy-day stash of dollar bills and it was just enough to get us through the last of the month. I know that He meant that as a special love gift for me, just as the laundry soap was for you. Lots of love! Liz

  5. Always enjoy reading your post. This one was timely for our family. Being thankful for everyday provisions is sometimes overlooked, in lieu of being consumed with what we think we need, or worrying about how particular necessities will be provided. God does provide for the needs of His children because He is faithful. I’m thankful for His faithfulness in our lives. He is good!

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