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  1. I’m so blessed to have come across your ministry! Thank you for the studies and the printables AND for sharing your time and talent.


  2. I printed the Trust the Lord with all your heart printable for my volunteer group. Inserted card & a couple of wrapped Dove chocolate hearts in a treat bag & stapled. Simple & cute. The adult volunteers were just as surprised & happy as children would be. Thank you for making this free printable available.

  3. These are great! I’m looking for “love” notes to have my Sunday School kids make that will be distributed to homeless outreach ministries. These will work perfectly. Thank you for sharing these for free! God bless.

  4. Thank you ! These are amazing and we are of a very small parish so the generosity of them being free is greatly appreciated!!!!

  5. Hi Kim!
    I love these and can’t wait to use them for my class this year! I used to follow you when I homeschooled. Now I’m a TA at a Christian School and find myself signing up for email lists again! Your ministry has been a blessing to me for a long time! Thank you.

    Can you please check on why I haven’t received the Valentine Printable? I signed up twice but nothing has shown up in my inbox or my spam. Thanks!

  6. Hey Kim, I loved using these last few years, so came back for it. Though I entered my email id, I did not receive any email with the 7 valentines scripture printable. Is it not available any more? Thanks

    1. I tried the 10 valentines scripture link and it worked…yay…
      Thank you for creating this ❤️

  7. So cute! My daughter and I have assembled the Hershey bibles and I signed up to receive the printables but have not gotten an email with a link. I’ve checked my junk mail but still don’t see anything.

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