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  1. Kim,
    I came across your website and have been so encouraged! As I’ve dived deeper, I find we share similar tastes. We live in Ga but have been fans of The Academy of the Arts for years! We have been to some of their productions. Is your daughter, Rachel, graduated yet? Not sure when the post on electives was made that I just watched. She was in 9th. I have a daughter, Catie, who will be in 7th this year. She LOVES theater.
    I’m enjoying reading all about your 7th grade favorite picks. How I would love to chat with you. If that would be possible, please let me know.
    God bless you and your family,
    Eve Adams

  2. Are the Masterbooks examples you gave actually independent? I see the Teacher’s Guides and get anxious. I’m really looking for middle school and above to bed almost wholly independent aside from grading and evaluating. Hard to find done well.

    1. There is a teacher’s guide, but it’s largely an answer key with some tips pages and worksheets/tests for the kids to do. My kids have done several MB science courses for both middle and high school COMPLETELY independent. 🙂 I honestly doubt I read the tips pages even. MB is one of the BEST at laying it out very simply for the kids to know what to do.

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