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  1. Kim
    What an amazing collection of Easter related posts! Thank you SO much for sharing all of this. It must have taken quite a bit or organizing and it’s much appreciated! I am clicking to the Christ centered Easter studies now! Thank you, too, for featuring my Crucifixion art…what an honor.

    Have a lovely night!

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  6. My granddaughter turned 11 and couldn’t have her friends over but she took everything in stride as always. The had a FaceTime happy birthday with a bunch of friends at the same time. Then the dropped parents at the door and writ notes in the sidewalk with chalk. They also did a bunch of friends and family do a drive by with signs and honking saying Happy Birthday. Also thanks for all the Easter suggestions

  7. Where did you find the Seder plate? We have done the Passover Seder the last several years, including the Resurrection garden from Compassion Explorer magazine. Thank you for this post. God bless!

    1. Hi Yasmin, You can find a link under the picture of the plate. Just click on the blue wording. 🙂

  8. Thank you SO much for these beautiful ideas! Love following this page – thank you for providing creative and meaningful ways of turning our children’s eyes toward Christ 🙏

  9. These are lovely activities. We are not particularly religious in our family, but it is nice to have meaningful activities to think about things like what is good, reasons to be grateful, and being more mindful. All great things to be thinking about and practicing.

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