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  1. Thanks for providing great resources!
    Loving the Bible studies we ordered. Also so excited to start the reading curriculum with my 3rd, 6th and 7th grader. The student planners look amazing too!

  2. Any suggestions for an almost 8-year old who keeps climbing the bookshelf? The bookshelf may hold her, but is braking each individual cube piece. We have items up on shelves above the cube shelf which she tries to get. We left a stool nearby so she doesn’t need to climb the shelf, yet she still continues as she keeps saying she wants to be taller and get it herself without any kids of help. I can’t afford to buy another shelf when this one finally goes as piece by piece we keep repairing.

    1. That seems like a spankable disobedience to me. I have the same problem with children standing and sitting on the dinning table, we’ve already had to replace two broken tables from too much weight, and no amount of reminding and reasoning, nagging or other restrictions seems to work, but the rod and reproof prove that we love them enough to be consistent and help them to think about what they are climbing on and why and they will end up hurting themselves if they hurt the furniture.

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