Is it THEIR faith or yours?

With 66% of young people walking away from today's churches, we can not afford to get this one wrong. It's time we teach our children to develop a habit of daily quiet time with God that builds a
solid foundation of faith.


About The Study

Teaches the why and how of a quiet time

Believe it or not, this isn't something we just know. If we want our children to desire to have a quiet time, we will need to intentionally teach them why they should do it and what it will look like. This 4-week study will do just that through a practical step-by-step approach.

Encourages practice

After 3 weeks of laying the foundation, students will take the reins using one of 5 different Bible study templates. During the final week, students will be given a specific verse to study. By the end of the study, they will be motivated and equipped to continue their new quiet time habit. Blank sheets to create their own journal will be provided.

Includes FREE parenting support

I'm with ya. Discipling our children isn't the easiest task that we have been given. But fortunately, there are lots of amazing resources out there. For this study I have put together a 3 part series to support you as you teach your child to have a quiet time. You can access that here

Developing a Quiet Time

View a few sample pages from the study:

What Other People Think

  • Developing a Quiet Time is the perfect study for kids that teaches a habit of reading and reflecting on God's Word. Kim truly has a godly mother's heart as she teaches children purpose, equips them to study, and gives them room for application of committed quiet time to the Lord. This study is truly a groundbreaking training tool not only in Biblical literacy but in encouraging children how to have a close, committed relationship with God. And there is nothing greater to teach them than this!
    Joyice Harris

    Raising Boys Homeschool

About The Author

Hi, I'm Kim Sorgius and my mission is simple. I want to equip and encourage victorious families no matter what circumstances we face.

Together we can do this. I pray that this resource blesses your family. Please reach out to me if you need anything!

Kim Sorgius

Developing A Quiet Time: A Biblical Study for kids

Be intentional about keeping your child from becoming a statistic. Help him/her to personalize and strengthen their faith through the development of a daily quiet time with God. 

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