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  1. I tend to lean toward the Traditional because all my kids are coming out of the public school system and that is what they are used to. The eclectic sounds fun though. I want to show my kids different ways to learn and teach them how to have fun learning.

  2. Oh Kim….thank you, thank you for your work on this. It’s always an encouragement reading your posts. I will never look at spaghetti in the same way:) Well done!!!

  3. Wonderful! Loved the video. I’m a second generation homeschool mama. I loved your point about what is ultimately important.

  4. We are definitely eclectic here. We use different curriculums for reading, math and Bible studies. Science and history are whatever we cook up daily in the kitchen, during play time, and on our Friday Fun Days.

  5. We always used the eclectic method. I never wanted to be tied to one style and never found a single curriculum that was everything I wanted. I tried to find curriculum that worked best for our family as a whole and for each individual student. That also meant that what I used for my oldest was not necessarily what I used for my younger. Both have graduated and are thriving.

  6. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I needed this message so much. I am always afraid, that trying different curriculum, is hurting my children.

  7. Nice share, Kim. I completely agree with you on season changing. My life was completely transitioned like a roller-coaster when I made the decision of homeschooling. Somehow, I believe that homeschooling has taught me many lessons.
    -Stephanie @

  8. Thank you for the article. After my first day of practium I just want the CC CD until essentials or challenges. When a community is necessary. Now I know I’m not crazy and I can use just the CD. So thank you for saying the cd can be used alone. So they started off with this chart and that CC is ALL you need to have a Christ centered fully integrated education. So…. my question of course was after seeing the curriculum sale ummmm how does math, history, geography, reading, writing and spelling. Integrate back to God and integrate together in FOUNDATIONs. Does it tie in missionaries like George Muller who travelled the world in said time period? Is GEORGE MULLER on the time line? No and it doesn’t really integrate until Challenge, right now the focus is focusing on getting the learning pegs into the CHILD. You JUST showed me the fancy, very convincing, charts saying child centered education, with no integration is a POOR CHRISTIAN EDUCATION. All my subjects except math are currently ALL integrated and all biblical except math sadly. Which I try to integrate and bring back to God as much as possible. I want the pegs from the CD and App. But our vision for our children’s education is God first.

  9. It’s not an easy task, definitely I would always prefer not to go for home schooling as I would rather them being able to make friends and social and experience life, It’s a part of childhood that shouldn’t be ignored.

  10. THANKS for helping me understand what I’m already doing!! We too use to do Classical Conversations, but b/c of moving a lot (military family) and just our family size, we chose not to do it any longer with our littles. We still love it for our older girls, so thats what they will be doing . I’ve allowed myself to be put into a box, and although I’d be the first one to say we do a little bit of EVERYTHING- I did not know it had a name! We are definitely eclectic in our methods!

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