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  1. My name is Benjamin Ortiz and I’m a Christian I want to start a bible study at home with friends and family and need study materials to start can you help us here is my address: Benjamin Ortiz 8205 n.w.61st. Apt.B317 Tamarac Fl. 33321 thank you.

    1. Hi Benjamin,
      So glad you are wanting to start a study with friends! You can find all of our studies on our store site,
      Please email us at if you have any questions!

  2. Hi! SO I found your website today searching for a good family bible study with our 12 year old son. He has a bit of a learning disabilty. He doesn’t comprehend well and we want him to really understand the bible. Do you have anything to recommend. Having scripture is the most important for us as well and not just stories. But we want to be able to reach him and have him really understand God’s word. Thank you!

    1. Hi Tonya,
      There are different levels of our Bible studies available on our store site. You could look over the sample pages to see what level would work best for your son and do the study as a family. We recommend starting with the Obey study. 🙂

  3. Hello God bless you!!
    I have four children’s 3 boys an one girl
    They are 11,8,7,and 6 ?
    I would like to start a bible study with them!!
    But I need help decide what to start first?
    Thanks ??

    1. Hi Yessenia,
      We recommend starting with the Obey study as it lays the foundation of obedience. 🙂

  4. Do you have to buy them individually, or is there a way you can get the whole set?

    If so, does it come with a suggested order of study? My husband and I have gone to almost every church in our town (there are literally dozens of them) and we have not been able to find one that feels right for us. The only one we enjoyed going to had no programs for children at all, so if you had children, then you couldn’t go to Sunday school because there wasn’t anywhere to take your children. All the rest felt more like going to a concert than going to church, and one even had a timer in the back of the sanctuary to count down how long the sermon was…

    So we have decided to do church at home, and this study set looks like it would be a good place to start with our eleven and eight year old boys.

    1. Kasey, We recommend starting with the Obey study. Our Bible Study Club packs include all the studies needed for each level of student guide (primary, junior, youth, and parent guides). In your case, you would need youth and junior level club packs as well as a parent one if desired. Same for individual studies if you chose to go that route.

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