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  1. A planner I just bumped into recently is A Plan In Place. They are really neat, and you can individually customize the planner pages to suit your needs. The website is

  2. I absolutely love the “A simple plan” at Mardel’s and they are so pretty. I found this planner a year ago on accident and now I won’t ever be able to live without it. They also create cut accessories to go along with it i.e. magnet book markers, and things for the homeschool classroom! Check it out…

  3. Do any of these planners include an assignment list I can give to the kids or should I be looking for something else?

    1. Do you mean a list that is already made out for you? If so, no. I don’t believe there is a planner like that as different curricula and homeschool styles would all look very different.

  4. I would echo Joanne about A Plan in Place. We’ve used their planners several years now. The customer service is fantastic and there are many ways to customize the pages to what works for you.

  5. We used a planner from Yours Truly ( this year and really liked it. You can customize it some and it worked well for us. Best part was having the subjects already entered for each week so we didn’t have to keep re-writing them. We’ll probably get another one for this next year.

  6. This is my first year homeschooling, but a friend recommended So far I like it. Someone above asked about a printable assignment list for the students. This one has that. They have a free 1 month trial, no credit card required.

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