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  1. You were in our neck of the woods! Sounds like a fun time! We plan to do a lot of Florida sightseeing this year so this pack will be a great addition!

  2. Are there any ‘universal’ tips you can give about finding cool places? I usually plan something and my kids end up bored to death, then afterwards I tell someone where we went and they tell me about all the cool places around we live in north Florida and I want to plan a cheap vacation. I know there is cool stuff here, but I don’t know how to find it. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us. BTW when a mom comes to me complaining that she can’t do it (homeschool, parent, housekeep, etc.) You are one of the examples I most often use. If Kim can do it anyone can.

    1. Starting with national or state parks is a great way to find beautiful places to explore. If you know anyone local, they can usually share out of the way treasures most people don’t know about. You can also research online to find fun and interesting places to go!

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