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  1. Sixth Grade this year so I chose Answers in Genesis for Science because, like you, I wanted something from a Biblical perspective that shows why evolution doesn’t “work”. I am so excited to do the experiments!! My daughter LOVES hands-on learning. (who doesn’t, right?) Last year we studied human anatomy and my daughter was not thrilled but plugged away. (Funny thing – even though she said she “dreaded” science last year, she was sure to bring up the terminology she was using often! 😉 ) Thanks for the heads up about the state HS requirements on HSLDA. I’ll definitely go check it out!!

  2. Your plan looks great! I love the Apologia Elementary books. This year we are using’s Knowledge of Nature course, built around Apologia’s Elementary Chemistry and Physics book with a lot of “real books” thrown in, and also her Chemistry in the Kitchen course for high school. I’m so excited about all the great books and activities she has included in her courses and can’t wait to get started! She has awesome history plans as well and I loosely use those to help me plan out our Charlotte Mason-style history course.

    1. Be cautious about the Chemistry in the Kitchen. Several of the books have very mature language, very mature themes, and use the Lords name in vain. My high schooler was very uncomfortable with this course.

  3. My 7-year-old is a scientist. Just totally all about everything science! I love to help facilitate, and that really looks a lot like helping him get interesting library books, getting supplies he’d like for experiments, and going to interesting science-related places.

    Also as tools, we’re using BFSU (Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding), and Mystery Science (free membership available right now, woot!).

    Lots and lots and lots of library books, too.

    1. Thank you for posting about mystery science. I needed something free for my kindergartener.

  4. Jonathan Park audio CD series is amazing.
    It is a theater type adventure series that uses a believing family of scientist and their children and parents have conversations with others that do not see God’s hand. I love listening to it also.

  5. I love posts like these! They speak to the planner in me!
    A couple questions-
    Is there a reason your plan uses Apologia General Science but skips Physical Science?
    Also, do you use the same text for all elementary student or do they each have their own? For example, one child in flying creatures and one in land animals versus both in the same book.

    1. Physical Science isn’t mandatory. So that’s a personal preference. I’ve done the text thing a few different ways. Depends on your kids really. I’ve done the same text and I’ve done individuals.

  6. What is your thoughts about not doing the Apoligia Physical Sciencefor 8th or 9th grade? My 8th grader is doing the General science now. I was considering her doing the physical science in 9th, but see that you choose to skip that and go straight to Biology.

  7. Apologia General science looked sooooo time consuming and overwhelming last year with the notebook and all that I just dropped it all and had her just read an old Abeka science text I had for 7th grade. She loved it. She would have hated science if I had done the other just because of the amount of time it took…2 hours a day it seemed like. I still have it and will think aboutusing it for my other kids but I would love to know if you simplified it or didn’t use the notebook or only parts of it?? I am not good at only doing parts of things unless given “permission”?
    Thank you!

  8. This is really great!!! Both my son will love this especially my younger son, he just loves Astronomy. He always reads books related to astronomy and even loves movies related to astronomy. I remember we had seen movie Armageddon, he was so happy. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Thank you for this post. Thank you also to all of the people who commented. By the grace of God, I will be a homeschooler soon, and this helps a lot.

  9. I am so happy to see that some of the Master Books options I have on my list are recommended by you. I trust your opinion! 😉

  10. Have you heard of Considering God’s Creation? It’s by a very small company here in Oklahoma called “Eagle Wings”. It’s my first time using it, but we are really enjoying it! The lessons are short, hands on, and loaded with info! It’s very fun, I highly recommend. It’s also for ages 5-12, and it’s Bible based (which is always awesome!!)

    1. I love their very creative, interactive, hands-on, discovery learning worksheets.

  11. I just started homeschooling in 8th grade, and it took a bit to find the right curriculum. My daughter likes to work independently, and Shormann Science has allowed her to do that! I don’t have to be involved at all, or I can discuss her lessons with her if we wish. (I’m not into science, so I love her doing it all on her own.) For 8th grade, she had Earth Science. He goes all through 12th grade, and we plan on using this all four years of high school. Dr. Shormann uses a Biblical perspective with everything he teaches, and that is especially helpful with science. She watches a video with him explaining everything on a black screen. Then she answers questions, and takes a quiz at the end of the week. I get to keep track of her grades, and follow along with what she’s doing every step of the way. I love this curriculum 100%!

  12. I so agree with making science fun in the elementary grades and getting kids curious about the world around them and the Creator who made it all. Wile’s “Science in the” series has been a big hit for us. Because it follows a chronological timeline of the discoveries made in science, a broad variety of topics are covered. It’s an elementary science curriculum designed for multiple grade levels with a (very doable) hands on activity for every lesson. (We do 2-3 lessons a week.) Along with the activity, there are a couple pages of explanation, so it’s a quick read with the majority of the time being spent on the activity. My boys love hands-on investigations and have often repeated or extended the activities as their curiosity is piqued.

  13. Thank you Kim, for this insightful and encouraging post!! It was a pleasure to read and I walked away with so much useful information and resources to look into for my children. Thank you for helping to take off the unnecessary pressures of teaching science!

  14. I have a rising 10th grade son and am looking for a fit for him for Biology. We used the Apologia Physical Science in 9th and struggled through. He is a mover so sitting still with lots of large books to read and write about is difficult for him and is not ideal for our relationship. He already does an online math. I was considering Friendly Biology maybe. The Biology Dvd mentioned on this site was recommended as well. I would need more info on how to use the Biology DVD that cost around $65. Is it a supplement or complete on its own?

  15. We have loved God’s Design from AiG(I am not sure if they still sell the older versions-I know Masterbpoks has taken this series and developed textbooks). For middle school my son is LOVING Science in the Atomic Age by Jay Wile and I have not decided on whether or not to go with BB science or DIVE. I love the DIVE sequence and it also has CLEP test prep available for high school classes.

  16. We use and love Gather Round Homeschool Unit Studies ❤️ I printed lessons from multiple curriculums to compare, looking for high school. And I love the research aspect of Gather Round. Instead of reading a text and answering questions…. It teaches note taking but then gives them a brief introduction to topic and then they have to research it and explain what they think. Always pointing back to God ❤️ They have a high school quiz you can put in what class you want credit for and it’ll tell you which units you need.

  17. This year, for my oldest, we used Discovering Design with Earth Science by Jay Wile for 8th grad. I really liked how it was laid out and how he could be independent. We’ll be continuing with his series by using Discovering Design with Biology for 9th grade.

    My elementary kids have been using a mix of curriculums. I’ve been thinking about getting Pureflix and now that you’ve mentioned some of the videos there, I am very interested in adding that to our curriculum as well.

    I’m excited to see the rest of your recommendations through the week.

    Thank you!

  18. Awesome information, this is great ! 2022 was our first year of homeschooling and after a few changes during the year and finally finding the curriculum that works for us. We found science shepherd 🙂 I love how they teach the difference from a creationist view and evolutionist view and so much more. My 6th grader loves it and is learning so much.

  19. We’ve used mostly Masterbooks science in our homeschool and are very pleased with it. My oldest has done Biology and is currently working through Chemistry. We’ve done several of their elementary and middle school courses over the years as well, and my younger two are currently in God’s Design for Chemistry & Ecology. I let my youngest choose a topic she wants to study for next year, and she chose Elementary Anatomy. We tried Apologia General Science one year for my oldest, and it just wasn’t a good fit for him. We love the strong Biblical and Creationist worldview in Masterbooks!

  20. We love Wes Olsen’s 101 series. He has 4 DVD’s: General Science 101, Biology 101, Chemistry 101, and Physics 101. He’s a Christian and does an awesome job videotaping many images. No talking head! The They are considered to be a spine for non-college bound high schoolers although the Biology DVD is great for younger children watching. (It was filmed first and is shorter than the others.) Our children anxiously awaited each new one to come out. Chemistry and Physics are more like “The History of Chemistry and Physics” He includes a digital guide that has suggestions for making it into a Carnegie credit; mainly by reading library books, writing papers, taking quizzes and doing experiments.

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