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  1. Love this 🙂 Thank you for the encouraging and helpful post.

    I’m trying to teach my kids to think of the Bible as a tool that we carry (physically and/or by memorizing) so that it is easy to turn to whenever the need arises (which is a lot!). We look together, to find verses to help them with whatever they are dealing with, then find creative ways to put those verses where they need to be handy. Verses about fear next to their beds. Verses about peer pressure and making wise choices in their lunch boxes. Verses about working hard in their homeschool binders. Verses about respectful family roles around the house. I can’t say we always look at them the second we should be considering them; sometimes they remind us of what we should have done. But I think the act of find them in the first place and making them accessible is good training. At least I hope…they’re still very young so it’s hard to tell what they’ll do with it over the years…

  2. Thank you for sharing this so transparently. And encouraging us to be intentional in teaching our children about having a growing relationship with God, so they don’t think it’s just about church attendance.

  3. Your teaching is so crucial! Getting to this younger generations is a major focus for me and your emails are full of vital information! I plan to print your information and share at Church!!

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