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  1. Great resources!
    As a kindergarten teacher, mom of five, grandmother of 11, I have experienced the many challenges of teaching children to obey. I’ve always felt that they need to understand why we ask them to do certain things.
    Thank you for your wisdom!

  2. YES!!! my parents love to say its “paying for my raising”…I love them and they exhaust me

  3. I have one compliant and one strong-willed child here. My SWC will say things to intentionally hurt me (which is easy to do when you pour your heart, soul, and energies into them and then hear words that are meant to intentionally hurt you). I’ve had to learn to take it for what it is – the original frustration or pain she is experiences is not rooted with me, so after she calms down, we have a calmer conversation that brings out the heart of her issue. It often comes back to the same thing (pride and/or selfishness) and it feels like you beat the same horse to death day after day, but I have a friend who went through this struggle with her daughter and is seeing the fruits of her labor. I encourage moms to build a strong relationship with another mother going through, or has been through, similar circumstances, to encourage you and build you up. Press on….it’s worth it!

  4. Thank you for the Strong willed child video. I was wondering does a strong willed child also deal with being aggressive? I mean trying to get someone else to do what they want ? I have 2 strong willed daughters and just wondered your thoughts.
    I purchased the “Do it Right” bible study and looking forward to getting started in it. I started with another one honestly because I forgot all the different ones I purchased. Lol!
    Thank you for helping other mom’s through the struggles and the right way to guide them spiritually.

    1. I think it varies. Overall the term just means- stubborn enough to demand their own way. But that can look very different from child to child.

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