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  1. I LOVE these!! I am a subscriber but can’t seem to figure out how to get these downloaded? HELP!! I would love to share them at our family Easter we are hosting this year! Thanks SO much Sarah

    1. It’s super easy. Just put your email in the box above and it will send you the correct link. You will not be resubscribing. It’s sort of like a password of sorts.

  2. I am a subscriber who receives regular emails. When I get your email and click on the link it brings me to a page such as this. However, I can’t print out the “printables” without signing up to be on the subscriber list again. Consequently I have signed up several times. Obviously, though, something needs to be fixed. Sarah seems to be having the same problem as me. Please help us.

    1. As long as you use the same email, you aren’t really signing up again. The system already knows that you are in there. Your email is basically a password of sorts.

  3. I’m a teacher at a Christian school. I stumbled across your blog, looking for the Jelly Bean Prayer! Oh my goodness, this is just so perfect. I can not wait for each new holiday to use all of your wonderful ideas with my children. God bless you richly for the wonderful, blessing you are.

  4. This is amazing! I will do this for my children and my Sunday School class PLUS give it to the Children’s Ministry Leader for them to do it.

  5. Love this we will do this with our grandchildren.
    I will share this with others too.

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