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  1. Wonderful words Kim. Thanks for laying it out nice and clean. God bless you and the great work you’re doing.

  2. “how do you keep your child from forming friendships with people that will not help them grow towards Christlikeness?

    You don’t. Instead, you teach them the different levels of friendship (above), and you show them how to have a healthy friendship—with boundaries—with anyone they do life with.”
    This is a game changer, thank you for sharing

    1. Lisa,

      So happy to hear your good news. We pray all our resources are ‘game changers’ for our Not Consumed families! We earnestly pray they will be encouraging, instructive, and transformative as they help our families walk in faith!

  3. Although this was written for our children, this was for me! You have summed up what I have painfully learned in my 40+ years. And some lessons quite recently. I am happy to have a tool for my children to learn these things much earlier than I. Thank you!

  4. Lisa,

    I’m so glad to hear your positive news. We hope that every tool we have will “change the game” for our families who are Not Consumed! We fervently hope that they will support, enlighten, and transform our families as they grow in their faith!

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