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  1. Thanks for the list and description. We couldn’t get into the Miller series and the Jungle Doctor being “fiction” worried me. We love the YWAM series! I really wish they would come out with more unit study guides for the missionary series and not just the history series.

  2. I am wondering to what age group the “To Every Nation” material is targeted. Could this be used to teach a group of children in a church setting? Is there a particular denominational basis to this material? I am looking for good, Biblically based curriculum. Any further information would be appreciated.

    1. The target age is elementary. Younger kids will need help, older ones can likely do it on their own. It would also be applicable for middle school. You can buy a site license for group setting and print yourself or purchase printed copies in bulk by emailing us for a quote.

      The material is not affiliated with any denomination.

  3. The link for to every nation is not working. I would like more info about this resource.

    1. There is the Little Lights series, I think up to 15 books now. You can find them individually, or in three box set. My kids really enjoyed them when they were younger. The age appropriate introduction has made the missionaries in some of there favorites become like “friends,” as they’ve gotten older they eagerly as to read more about them.

  4. Thank you for putting the work into researching all of these! I look forward to getting some for the older kids in my life. What about younger ones, though? Maybe grades K-2? Any recommendations for them?

  5. I remember reading a book (or maybe several) back in the 1980s when I was a child. These books were small chapter books about missionary kids. I have looked for these books for years and have not been able to find them. I remember one story in the book where the kids went on a hike and got badly sunburned. Does anyone know the name of this book or books?

  6. What a great list! I’m unfamiliar with a few of these series, so I’ll be shopping for some of them soon. It’s always a challenge to find good books. Thank you!

  7. Kim, these are great picks! My kids (10 and younger) are crazy for missionary bios. We were introduced to the YWAM bios from Sonlight and the Millers too. A friend gave us Brinkman Adventures, which all my older kids (3-10years) beg for every time we get into the car. I cannot wait to check out a few of the new-to-me titles. Thank you for highlighting these books. They are riveting, inspiring reads for kids and adults.

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