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And help your children build godly relationships with each other. It's not just for the "lucky" families. A strong sibling relationship is not only possible with God, we're called to it.

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About The Book

4-Week Bible study

There is no better way to encourage strong sibling relationships than to lay the right biblical foundation. What does the Bible say about siblings? Why did God give us siblings? We will explore the answer to these great questions and more in this 4-week Bible study for kids.

Encourages intentional development of sibling relationships

We will explore how God expects us to treat our siblings and how to handle conflict, but most importantly, we will learn how to develop strong relationships with our siblings through praying for them, listing out their strengths, and discovering ways to help each other.

Includes FREE parent support

Of course no sibling realtionship will be flawless. We can learn life changing conflict resolution and change the hearts of our kids, but it's ALWAYS a process. Learn 5 ways to stop sibling rivalry and How to Encourage a Strong Sibling Relationship to help your child continue to apply what he/she has learned.

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What Other People Think

  • My husband and I have been using "My Brother's Keeper" with our two youngest sons and are very impressed. We love how the author takes the children on a journey through the Bible, their own heart, bringing them back to a place where they can understand God's design for family and siblings. This is a study that we will use more than once as the children grow and believe it will have both short-term and long-term benefits. We can honestly say that this study is sowing seeds into the future families of both sons -- and for this we are grateful!"


    Carlie Kercheval - Today's Frugal Mom

About The Author

Hi, I'm Kim Sorgius and my mission is simple. I want to equip and encourage victorious families no matter what circumstances we face.

Together we can do this. I pray that this resource blesses your family. Please reach out to me if you need anything!


Kim Sorgius

My Brother's Keeper:
Learning to Love Your Sibling God's Way

All of the best tricks and parenting books can not solve the age-old problem of sibling rivalry. We need God's Word to permeate their hearts. 

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