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  1. Hello Kim, i’m pretty sure that teaching textbooks start in third grade not K? I was excited when I saw you wrote K down but when I followed the link it said started in third grade. Maybe you know something I don’t? God bless you and yours.

    1. Hi Christina,
      You’re right! Teaching Textbooks does start in 3rd grade. The blog post that was referred to in that statement has a plan for math from k-12 which includes teaching textbooks but also some other curriculum for the early years. 🙂
      Suzanne@Not Consumed

  2. Thanks! We are using the Teaching Textbooks for 7th grade right now but not the electronic version we have only used the textbook but this sounds great!

  3. Thank you! We are signed up! He already loves it and did three lessons without being asked to FOCUS lol. God bless your family, your journey through cancer, your work.

  4. Thank you!. I had already sign up for the free trial, we already started our school year and I was going to go with TT but my son said that he wanted to have a” book math”, now he regrets it LOL. I just wished they were able to move up in grade before the year is over.

  5. We love Teaching Textbooks too. But excuse me – where did you get that desk set up? I want it!!! Bonus for tips that you have on teaching your kids to keep it un-cluttered!

    1. The desk is from IKEA and it’s primarily used by the boys, so it’s one of their chores each week to clean it up. Also, each draw is labeled on the lip inside to help with that.

  6. I love this post! My daughter is not the only one who dances during math learning! ? I took the desk away for first grade. I realized my daughter loves lots of space. We are expanding our homeschool room. Aside from her bedroom, made space in our living room to display our curriculum, manipulative and a desk. Just trying new things out. I’ll have to check out this curriculum for next year when we start third grade! God bless you!

  7. HI Kim,
    This is our first year teaching at home and I noticed the white tables the kiddos are using in your picture.
    I am curious where you purchased the white table desks in the picture? Those look what like something I need for our home 🙂
    I love all the teaching resources you posted. I also have chosen to use the handwriting without tears series also. I love that set. Thanks for sharing all of the ideas you have tried out. It is a huge help to us beginners.

  8. We love Teaching Textbooks too. In fact, it’s the only curriculum from this year that’s being used again next year. It is the right math program for our kids.

  9. After reading this post, I am ordering the digital version for my 9th grader and 5th grader. Question though, does it include quizzes and tests throughout the lessons as well? ( I am mainly concerned about it for my 9th grader, as we will be keeping transcripts.)

    1. Hi Tracy,
      If you are referring to teaching textbooks then yes, there are quizzes and tests all throughout. 🙂


  10. Is this common core? Or could a child who hasn’t been taught common core use this? We currently use purposeful design but I would love a program that my son could do mostly on his own

  11. Thank you so much for these resources! I love the idea of a reading journal and plan to incorporate this into this years plan. After reading this post, I am excited about the school year instead of feeling overwhelmed at all ahead of us.

  12. Thank you 283477338 times for this post!
    I have a third grader and I am with a charter. Would the workbook be ideal for a sample sheet?
    I can’t do math with my 3rd grader but, I love the reviews on this.

    1. You can get a free trial of 15 lessons for the level you need. This will allow you to sample how it all works! 🙂

  13. I have read some other comments elsewhere that TT is behind grade level or that a student didn’t do well on High School standardized tests. Has this been your experience, or have your children done well? To be fair, the one whose child didn’t do well said that she struggled with quick math computation, so your suggestions to use Xtramath may solve that. Thanks!

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