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  1. I never sort by color either! When I was single, I didn’t really have enough clothes to make multiple full loads if I sorted by color, so I did what you do – throw them all in together on cold!

  2. My mother micro sorted. Like white socks and underwear didn’t get washed together because they are different weights. ? I am more a “just dump it in” but do sort the jeans from the delicates. My husbands red work shirts also get a seperate pile. ? We tend to sort by grime level. Hubby and I were both Firefighters. We can bring home some NASTY clothes!! We try to fully do 1 load a day. It’s do able but helps so much with the sanity. We still have littles who may have accidents during the night so sometimes it’s 2 loads. Our issue has always been putting it away. We rescued a litter of orphaned kittens on Thanksgiving this year. THAT solved the “don’t leave your clean clothes in piles on the couch” problem. Haha Might be an unconventional solution though! (If you have ever tried to claim something from 12 paws of razor sharp claws you will avoid doing it again!)

    1. Haha. Yes, that is a rather unconventional way to break habits. Isn’t it funny how we are sometimes like our mothers and in other ways polar opposites? 🙂

      1. I think it’s a good excuse to keep a kitten. 😉 “Laundry cat says you need to put your clothes away or she will shred them.” We have already discovered they cause the schoolwork to get done faster. Because playing with kittens is motivational to everyone!

  3. I use a similar system. Sort by person. Towels separate. Unless it is a red shirt, it all goes in the machine together. My main difference is I do all of my laundry (mine, hubby, towels, the little guys) on Monday and the big kids each do theirs on Tuesday. Monday is my restore order day. I like getting it all done and not thinking about it for the week.

  4. I, too, no longer sort. Such a time waster! The only things that get washed separately are my husband’s work clothes (though I do often throw the boys’ extra muddy clothes in there) and sheets (but that’s just because I do one bed at a time (each bed gets done once a month except for sickness and accidents) and dump all of the bedding into one load). I’m a total clothing nazi though. My boys wear dirty play clothes at home and only switch into town clothes when we go out. And you better believe I make them change back into play clothes when we get back home. That way the dirty activities at home are done in already dirty clothes and the town clothes stay clean for weeks and I can often just stick them back in their closet. It means they each have 5 town pants and 5 play pants, 5 town and 5 play shirts etc. I can do all of our week’s laundry in 1-3 loads on Monday, not including diapers. I love not doing a ton of laundry!

    1. OMG girl! I read bedding once a month, and I was thinking…hmm maybe I do our bedding to often. I do our sheets 1 or 2 times a week, and the comforters 1 time a week. I generally am doing 1 load a day. ZDry, fold hang up, or iron & hang up. I cannot do any wrinkled clothes, or bed linens. Have you ever tried to sleep on a wrinkled sheet? It IS NOT pleasant! Only 600 and above thread count. I tried to get some 300 TC sheets past my son & daughter..Nah! They were not having that. My bullygirl, is not nearly as picky! I think this must all stem from my severe you go girl, keep being great!

  5. I am going to get my oldest kiddos involved in doing laundry now, and you’ve also given me some organizational ideas too. Thank you so much!

  6. Love the prinrables! I would love to get our boys (15, 10, and 6) to use the washer, but it’s a front loading and it’s fickle. Door doesn’t always lock or unlock, everything is button operated, and putting in any kind of sudsing soap shuts down the washer. So my suggestion is if you need to buy a washer, and you have young kids, buy toploading. It would be better ….. especially if you don’t have money and time to fix a Frontline washer due to kid operator errors <3

  7. Where did you get your shelf for your laundry baskets? Wanting to put on of those in my laundry room!!

  8. I also do laundry by person! My girls share a room, so theirs is together and done twice a week (when I remember), and then my son’s, mine, and my husbands are all on their own day. I started doing this once we had our first child. It just made sense to me to save time by going from one room to the laundry room and back to the same room. Who has time for sorting before and after!?!? 🙂
    Good to hear more people doing it this way!

  9. What did you put in the middle bin on top of your machines? My video cut out there. Thanks for the tips 🙂 and printables!

  10. When I do laundry, I do it in one or two days. Yes all of it for 7 people. I sort by type and color. By this I mean, all jeans get 1 load, dress clothes(slacks and dress shirts) 1 load, shorts 1 load, ect. I fold only mine & hubby’s while everyone else is in charge of their own from 5years old and up. People have asked me how I do so little in terms of loads it is because I have a rule in the house that jeans, slacks and towels can be reused all week long (unless they smell). That means each can be worn/ used up to 7 times. We live in Arizona and my sons wear jeans a lot so they wear the same jeans three times a week. So I can expect 2 per son/week. Towels and sheets are washed once a week after all other clothing is washed. Also I line dry most of our clothes, especially in the summer when temps hit 112 or higher.
    I know most people will say just do a load a day, this does not work for me. I feels like laundry is never done. I grew up where we were ALWAYS doing laundry. We did a minimum of 5 loads a day for 7 days. Never fun. So I decided to do it in as little time possible. Now after 2 days laundry is done and I can check it off for another week! This makes me a happier wife and mother.

  11. Hello, I see you & a lot of people who replied don’t sort their laundry. I tried doing that before (Because my husband never sorted so I thought I would give it a try) & I had to go back to sorting because all of our laundry was so dingy & gross looking. The whites were no longer white, they were gray & beige & yellow & tan. I like bright colors & all of my bright colors were now dingy & gray. I couldn’t take it so now I am the only one who does laundry & I sort it again. It’s only the 2 of us now so it’s not really a big deal. My kids come over to do their laundry & I cringe cuz all of them have dingy laundry cuz they don’t sort. Sorry maybe I’m weird but I like my laundry to look nice when I’m done. I also like a lot of scent on my laundry. Nothing better than taking a towel out of the linen closet & it smells like it was just dried outside on the clothes line but in fact it wasn’t. Anyway, I just wanted to say that.

    1. YES! Others are commenting about sorting being old school but how do y’all wash all colors (whites and darks) together without the colors bleeding? And I always wash in cold water with an HE top loader that doesn’t have an agitator. When I accidentally put my husbands white boxers in with the darks it definitely comes out dingy. Not to mention reds.. but maybe the trick is to never buy anything red haha. I can tell such a difference if I don’t sort.. like you said, dingy whites. It can maybe be fixed after the fact with bleach or oxiclean. But even though I wish it was as easy as dumping everything together, I can definitely tell the darks bleed some. I can even see it in the water during the wash.

    2. Hey, I don’t sort by color unless it’s something I know may bleed in the wash (dark wash jeans, tie-dye, bright reds) but I do pay attention to what colors are going in together and if I have newer dark clothing or something that could cause whites to become dingy, I stick a color catcher in with the clothes. So, I just wanted to mention that for everyone who is trying to cut down on sorting… COLOR CATCHERS have saved a few loads over here! It looks like a dryer sheet and it absorbs color from the water if a fabric bleeds while being washed.

  12. I was raised sorting by color AND type. I found this method here of sorting by person – one person a day – having kids help. I LOVE IT!!❤ I try sharing the concept but not all minds are open to change ?
    I gotta day, we had family/home crisis lasting several months. It really threw any system out the window. I REALLY MISSED my weekly/daily schedule! Finally getting back in the groove!?

  13. I was raised sorting by color AND type PLUS knowing which loads went on hot or cold! I found this method here of sorting by person – one person a day – having kids help. I LOVE IT!!❤ I try sharing the concept but not all minds are open to change ?
    I gotta day, we had family/home crisis lasting several months. It really threw any system out the window. I REALLY MISSED my weekly/daily schedule! Finally getting back in the groove!?

  14. Hi Kim!

    What a blessing. I LOVE the idea of the laundry room organization, separate baskets for sorting, etc. The different days for wash is great, too.
    Reminds me a little of the Little House on the Prairie mom…”Wash on Monday, Iron on Tuesday, Mend on Wednesday… 😉
    I hope to be able to implement this as soon as I figure out how to retro fit this in my laundry room! I have never sorted out laundry either, although I was taught to growing up. On the contrary, I wash everything on hot! (I’ll wait for you to pick up your jaw off the floor-haha!) I’ve washed shoes every now and again, and then I will use warm, because we’ve had Crocs shrink O.o (don’t air dry those outdoors in summer!!) Anyway, glad to see this, can’t wait to implement! Just need to find another place for the cat box….

  15. Thank you for the great ideas! I had a washing machine repair person tell me that the machines are designed to wash like with like and will perform better if you sort so I still do. I do wash on cold and agree that there is less concern for colors bleeding now. My kids are each responsible for a load during the week but I wonder if being responsible for their own may help them think about how much they wear? My kids seem to have a lot of wardrobe changes! May have to rethink my system! 🙂

  16. Thank you so much for sharing the ideas helping organize the laundry. I’m loving this system! .I will give it a try!

  17. Hi. So does everyone have their own Landry hamper or spot for dirty clothes?

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