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  1. What are your thoughts on CLE math? Also, we really need to focus in on more than just ‘reading’ the Bible through as a family. I want my kids’ to develop a more personal relationship with the Lord and have their own time with Him. I love your materials. Which one would you recommend for a 9 year old and a 10 year for scripture memory and personal devotion? Also I love your reading journal idea. My kids are using CLE reading and it is INTENSE. Please pray for us that we have clarity in these issues weighing on our hearts. Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Sharon,
      We do recommend CLE math for young grades especially, you can read more about that here:
      A great study for personal devotions that includes some scripture memory is Developing a Quiet Time, they would both do great in the junior level-
      You can also use Scripture Memory Cards specifically for memorization.-

  2. I have two children age 6 and 9. We are moving to a more eclectic style this coming year after 4 years of My Father’s World. I find that my older child just has different interests and I am struggling to teach them. I want something that I can use with them together. I understand that Math and writing are done on different levels but they can still learn other things together. Do you have any recommendations regarding this? My oldest will be in 5th grade and my youngest will be in 2nd. We are already using IEW, the Math U See, and I have been using a grammar book for the oldest this year, something basic. All of this along with our set curriculum. I just need more flexibility. Any advice is welcome!!

  3. Hi! I’ve stumbled across your site and am very impressed! I’m a credentialed teacher who works with homeschool families once a month, providing support and accountability for them. I’m going to send several of my families your site, as I think it will be a great resource for them. I’m also purchasing your reading journals so I can show them to my families.

    I just wanted to point out that teaching textbooks is a very user friendly curriculum, but it does not align to the common core state standards, especially from 4th grade and up. I know this doesn’t usually concern homeschool families (and not all states have adopted common core), but it’s a big issue for kids who have to take the state test based on common core. I LOVE the program, but wish it aligned better. For 6th grade and up, I recommend thinkwell math. For k-8, generation genius is a good option as well. I just thought I’d give you a few more resources, since I’ve received a few from you! 🙂

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