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  1. I also have changed the lens in which I saw my childhood. I have learned that my parents are both people that went through hard times and I was in the middle. I have accepted that and found that the story is not the way I played it in my head. My mother is getting remarried in September and I am happy To say that after years of restoration the Lord has been faithful to my pleas for a relationship with my mom. She has asked me to walk her down the isle. Wow! I might as well not put any makeup in that day! Thanks for sharing your story. I can’t wait to hear the rest. God is faithful.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing some of your story Kim!  Yes, I too was so gripped by fear as a child, you can read here {}, a pretty safe upbringing but always consumed with a very unhealthy “Christianity”.  YES, in my big girl life and journey, I too have had to change my “lens”.  Thanks to God’s very Holy Spirit within!  🙂  ~ Blessings sister, Amy

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  4. I just want to say thank you, for refocusing my eyes on Christ, and for having the courage to share your story.

    1. You’re welcome and I’m thrilled that you shared that. God has so amazingly loved and redeemed me. He is so worthy of every ounce of honor and glory that I can offer!

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  6. Wow. Girl you just made me cry! My story of my childhood is so much, you are welcome to read it at my blog, under ‘about me’-my testimony. I’ve chosen to share it there and not really write too much of it on other online places as it is filled with sexual abuse, and other horrible things. But you know what? I just read THIS and it made me realize; why do I only focus on that part? Though my memories are vague of my childhood due to my brain trying to ‘protect me’ and the awful parts, I DO have good memories of for one, knowing my Dad was the one that raised me and worked 2 jobs, while going to college but still had time to spend with me and doing lots of things when I was young, just him and I. I need to remember that, thank you for writing this! I think I am going to go blog this right now! Thank you! Bless you and I’m going to respond back to your ‘getting to know you’ email just as soon as I finish reading the rest of your posts about you (the 3 you have listed on your about me page).
    Be Blessed, Be Inspired,

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  8. Your story has touched me like no others. I am never one to “comment” on things like this, I just read and carry on. However, your words of “those memories are just the loudest” struck me. Like literally I felt a sting in my heart. I could not grab my pen and paper fast enough to write that down! My childhood is filled with memories of a certified crazy mother who didn’t want children, ever, who abused me in what ever way she could to make herself feel better mostly verbally. Physical bruises and scars didn’t last long but I still hear her words in my head. My father was 42 when I was born. He never expected to have children but here I came along and totally stole his heart. He tried his best to make up for all the terrible of my mother but he had to work, a lot. They never got along and I knew it was because of me, I felt such neglect and abandonment even though both my parents were there. I knew my mother didn’t want children but I begged for a brother or sister just so I could have someone with me, sadly that never happened I am an only child.
    My fathers sister saved my life on more than one occasion. She was 52 when I was born had already raised her children and enjoyed her life. My Aunt Sue was the only thing stable in my life. She was my Christian example. She took me to church every Sunday, Sunday night and Wednesday night. She was my haven away from the storm. I could write a book on stories of my childhood, abuse, kidnapping, fights, my father missing and found dead… and so on – a lot of LOUDNESS! LOL But thanks to my father and my Aunt Sue trying to give me a stable and normal childhood, I knew I wanted what I was seeing my friends had, like you said a “Normal Family” as a result I of course rebelled ( oh what I could change if I could just have my daddy back) I was a tough teenager, wild, teen pregnancy and so on. Deep down my christian church roots would always prevail, I knew God was always there…I felt him. He never abandond me! I look back now at 40 and realize WoW! What my God has brought me through. I have some wonderful childhood memories of me and Aunt Sue sitting on that church pew, me chewing fruit stripe gum LOL what a comfort I had in her arms but truly Gods arms around me. I lost my daddy way too early I only had him 19 years and I still don’t know what happened to him (that’s a book by itself) I want to think that my life would be so different if he hadn’t been taken away from me so early but I’m realizing that’s another excuse.
    The past 20 years I have learned to call out to my God in time of trial and need and to reflect back on the good memories…not the LOUD ones! I’ve been married to a wonderful Christian man for 15 years and we have 3 beautiful children God has blessed me in so many ways.
    Thank you again for sharing your story!
    ps…my Aunt Sue is still here with me, she is 91 and still my earthly rock!

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