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  1. Thank you so very much for this fun activity. I am going to get started. I think I will also do something like this for the kids in my classroom. Haven’t decided how yet but am going to work on it.

  2. Went looking for Advent ideas for myself as I sit at home, retired & stuck-in recovering from shoulder surgery.. I LOVE this!! I live in a 12- apt building & don’t know many of my neighbors, but.. I see possibilities! Also, I’m going to PT a few times a week, so will try to “bless” my therapists! Thank you, Thank you! God knew I could use this right now! XO

  3. HI I cannot get the email sent to me when I fill out the form for the RACKED printables. Can you send me one? I’ve tried about 20 times.

  4. What a Great idea! And this is completely free?
    Asking because I really wanted to do something for the holiday at my work everyday for members and was thinking of doing something like this. Was just going to hand out candy canes but this is that much better.

  5. This is so wonderful!
    I’m am so excited for this!
    Thank you for sharing and being a light into the darkness!
    May God continue to pour out His blessings upon you and use you mightily.
    Love in Christ, Tina Stewart ❤️

  6. My husband starting doing RAK’s when our kids were little, they are all grown up now and still carry on his tradition. One of his favorite was putting $5 bills in grocery carts without being seen. This is wonderful, thank you for helping make the world a better place.

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