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    1. Hi Sarah, it’s not so much a written/printable schedule as a way to divide up the day into manageable sections.
      There is a link to the printable morning checklist in the post that can be printed for the kids!
      Suzanne@Not Consumed

  1. So, how do you get in a 40 hour work week while still maintaining your children’s schedule? Do you maintain the schedule during the weekend also or do you work during the weekend while your kids have free time. Thanks for your help! I appreciate your perspective!

    1. Well, I CREATE my kid’s schedule, so that’s not as much of a problem. The joys of homeschooling! I typically work early in the morning, then help them with school. They work independently a good bit while I work more and then we meet in the early afternoon to check and go over things.

  2. What planner do you use that is in the pictures with the breakfast, lunch, school, dinner boxes? That’s genius!

  3. I am at day 4 of the homeschooling boot camp and it is such a blessing! This article is as well! Thank you so much!

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