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  1. I love your stuff! Thanks for being so open and honest. It brings hope in dark times. And just plain old “mom” times! 🙂

  2. Thank you so very much for taking the time to put this together! I’m a newly single mom after 28 years of marriage and the Lord brought this to me at just the perfect time : )

  3. So I was looking through search engines to see what my 5 year old’s issue was with behaviors he was exhibiting at daycare and not at home, and your website came up. It was so God directed. I ordered your Because I said So and your Do Right Junior. One to help my 4 young children learn what the Lord says and to also teach myself how to teach them what God wants from us.

    What a blessing this great ministry is! I wasn’t raised a christian, God called me anyway. I am learning how to be a Christian mom, and what it means to Raise them up in the Lord. Thank you so very much for giving me the resources to help me do that.

    Tonight I say down and went through two devotionals and my two 5 years olds. my one 3 year old and my often crabby 14 years old acted like we were playing a fun game and they were really learning. Praise the Lord for you and your ministry!!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  4. This was a beautiful moment. Yes, it can be hard to create family unity, but it’s so worth it. Recently two different people told me that my kids were at their best selves when they were with their siblings, and how blessed I was. My heart overflowed at that. Unity is so beautiful <3

  5. I loved the first activity you shared with us when you started the article! I want to try it sometime. This was such a great list I’m wondering where to start, what I loved is how simple these ideas are and especially that you had links to the resources. I’m especially wanting to try the elderberry gummy bears. Thank you for sharing this, it was fun to read. Something we do at my house as a family is that every Saturday we do a family movie night and have pizza or sometimes Thai food or something else like that. We also do dinner discussions, these have made our dinner’s really fun, here’s a link to the site we like to use.
    Thanks so much again.

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