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  1. is this material that’s being shipped? I just purchased it but there are links to download it; I didn’t realize it was a download!

  2. Thank you! I am printing week one for my kids’ binders to do during our Bible time next week. What a blessing you are to us.

  3. Hi
    I just want to make sure if I purchase the bible study the jr level it can be for sisters and the title is just a saying My Brothers keeper but not necessarily does the siblings need to be brother and sister?

    Thank you

    1. It’s applicable to any gender: brothers or sisters. The title is just based on the Bible verse where Cain asks God if he is supposed to be his brother’s keeper. 🙂

  4. Can you tell me which version of the bible you used to write this…we started yesterday and my daughter “needs” to have the words match up exactly : )

    1. I primarily use ESV and KJV to write. Probably have her use ESV if she feels the need to be exact. There are a few places where I specifically noted to look up the scripture in a particular translation. Otherwise, I do try very hard to make it so that children can figure out the answers regardless of version!

  5. Hi Kim!

    I have been following your blog for a few weeks now. This study is exactly what I have been looking for. I have been at my witts end lately with my two, it just seems that peace and harmony have all but disappeared from our lives lately. I purchased your study last night and can not wait to start this with my son and daughter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  6. Hi! Great resource thank you for your heart for family and all you pour into us readers. My son is 6 and my daughter is 4. If my daughter is just learning to write and doesn’t yet read will the junior study still work for us please? Thank you kindly! Ashley

  7. hi Kim, I have a Teen of 17 and one who’s 8 yrs old…. boys.
    I always think that’s kind a unique situation as the “toy sharing” thing you recommend doesn’t really work…. although I love that idea…
    However, between my two boys there’s an ongoing rivalry as the older one is constantly unnerved because of something the younger one is doing “to him”. This can be just whistling near him or just ….well…. being an 8 year old behaving kid….
    So, I’ve tried a couple of things but nothing seems to help. It even feels sometimes like it seems the older one just hates the younger….
    He even behaves totally different when the younger one isn’t at home….
    So, as the study is rather for younger kids, im not sure if I should still get it…. or try out something else…
    Whoever’s got an idea….I’m open….?

    1. It’s definitely a challenge with such an age gap. However, I would take advantage of this opportunity to train your oldest to mentor the younger. This is an opportunity for him to learn to deal with annoying little people and see past that.

  8. Hello! I feel so blessed to have found your site. I have an idea I want to implement with my family, but it’s a bit of a logistical head-scratcher as I’m not design savvy. Here’s what I’m hoping to do:
    There was a large coffee company I worked for for many years and they had what was called a “Partner Appreciation” board in each store’s backroom. It was meant to celebrate teammates. They provided cards with illustrations and verbiage around the skill being praised (there were 4 they focused on), and then gave room to write a note as to the specific quality, skill, or action of that particular person that you were celebrating. You’d then pop it in the partner’s little envelope and they’d discover it later. It was like a small way to bless each team member and build unity. I would love to come up with something along these lines for my family, and my idea began with focusing on the fruits of the Spirit. Would you be interested in diving into this idea and maybe creating some cards that capture verses related to the fruits of the Spirit? I would HAPPILY buy the printable!

  9. Do you have a link of ideas to foster that relationship? I’m struggling to come up with ideas.

  10. Taking turns is one of best “people” skills I think my kids have learned to date. It started when my oldest wanted to watch a video and so she would get to choose a 3 minute one and then it was my turn (and as a mom, yeah, there were a lot I wanted to watch with her too!) It’s worked as they learn music with preschoolprodigies, getting to choose activity we do next, time on swing, you name it – and I plan to use it for the rest of their time at home with me!

    1. You asked for anything that works for us:) but your articles are amazing. So full of God’s grace in action. Thank you for your life shared!!!!!! It influences sooooo many!

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