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Have you ever walked 100 miles through the mountains of China to save orphans during the war? How about lain in bed for 80 days in the African jungle praying for healing so you can share the gospel with unreached people? Or… when was the last time you sat down at the breakfast table with absolutely nothing to eat, praying in full confidence that God would provide that very need?

These events might sound a little extreme, but they are all true stories. Want to teach your kids about the goodness of God through the best and worst of circumstances? This study is for you!


Life-changing study

To Every Nation includes:

---> In a real, raw, and yet safe, way your family will truly grasp the depth of God's provision, deepen your faith, and understand suffering. The study of missionary biographies will draw you near to God when life's trials come. 

---> Maybe studying the Bible is a already a priority in your home, but why not add some practical life application, history, reading skills, and even penmanship to the mix? To Every Nation provides all of this in one unique study!

---> This study is intentionally written for all families. A simple plan is included to be used as a devotional or quiet time study. A more in-depth plan is also included for homeschoolers, including a sememster long unit study outline. 


Here are some people who have benefited from this book.

People are desperate for heroes and the Lord has surrounded us with a multitude of saints. To Every Nation is a beautiful missionary study that brings those saints and heroes into the lives of our kids. Through biographical sketches, reading comprehension, geography, character trait study, timeline creation, and Bible study, Kim takes readers on a journey which shows that being a hero means always doing the hard thing. I greatly appreciated the application sections which lead students to think about, and act on, godly character traits. This is another winner from Kim Sorgius!"

Anne Marie Gosnell
Future Flying Saucers

Whether you use this study for your homeschool or as a stand-alone Bible study, your family will greatly benefit from To Every Nation. Learning about how these twelve missionaries risked it all for the gospel provides Christian families with the chance to see outside their own experiences and view their own vocations from an eternal perspective. I can't tell you how exciting it is to teach my children about these heroes of the faith! To Every Nation is a positive blend of factual study and Biblical application that will help your family to cultivate and further embrace a missional mindset. 

The Purposeful Mom

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Kim Sorgius

Kim Sorgius, author and creator of Not Consumed Blog, is a single homeschooling mom of 4. She helps Christian moms build victorious families with practical resources for homeschooling, daily life, and faith. Kim earned her M. Ed. in Early Childhood and Curriculum Development from University of South Florida and spent 10 years in the public school system before taking on her biggest challenge and blessing, motherhood. She feels honored that God has called her to teach, encourage, and equip parents as they strive to build victorious families.