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  1. We loved doing History of the Horse as a project! Then we got to go see the Lipizzaner horses perform while we were in Oregon. It was a great way to end our notebook project. Thanks for including my copybook in your collection!

  2. Circle C is awesome! The website has free handbooks to print out that go along with each book. They teach a variety of things and my daughter and her friends will read them without being asked.

  3. We went through a horse phase, too! A Journey Through Learning has a lap book that is a general mammal study, so you can pick which animal you want to lap book. Then, when your kids find another animal they want to study, you can use it again! 🙂 We also learned about the Chincoteague horses of Maryland and Virginia. There is a book called Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry that is on our book list for next year. She has written several other books about horses, too.

  4. What a great compilation! I can’t wait to start surprising my daughter with some of these!

  5. Love this post. My 7kids yr old is obsessed with horses (she just had a horse themed party). We volunteer at a horse rescue every week and she starts lessons next month. Thanks for these great resources.

  6. Thanks for the great resource! My girls (like most) are in love with horses! I will have to find some things for them to do!

  7. Ok, this just might be the most useful website we’ve ever encountered 🙂 Thank you SOOOO much for compiling all these resources. And….. we’re …… OFF!

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  9. My daughter is a freshmen and is wanting to work with horses once she graduates. Her love of horses is never going to pass! Do you have any suggestions for studies for high school in this area? I have been looking for electives for the next years. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  10. Thank you! This is exactly what I need! My five year old loves horses! She has been riding since she was two! We are going to the Midwest horse fair in Wisconsin for the second time this April. I am so glad to have found all this wonderful resources to share with my kids.

  11. For a slightly older child, 4-H sells their curriculum and publishes a multipart horse study. It was perfect for my 7th grader.

  12. I hate schoolwork and I want some kind of horse workbook and study on that for highschool because I love horses and I own one, and ride a ton! I want to learn more about them. I am homeschooled. If anyone knows how to do this, tell me! I am in ninth grade.

  13. I clicked on the Beautiful Horses of God’s Creation link but Currclick says it isn’t available?

  14. You can also call AQHA and ask them to send your child a free kid’s pack. It has a pencil, a sticker, coloring book and diagram of the American Quarter Horse. I know I am forgetting something but it is nice for kids to get something in the mail and it usually only takes about a week.

  15. I would like to order the Homeschool packet for the Horse Lover
    I have a small enrichment class at a horse ranch and this material would work perfectly.
    How can I order and pay for this materail

    Please let me know
    Thank you
    Lynette Pasley
    Pony Hayvin Ranch

    1. Hi Lynette,

      These are not our products but if you click on any of the links in blue it will take you to the website where those materials are available. 🙂

  16. I have a daughter that is still horse crazy. She now raises performance horses. For more information check with the County Extension agent or the 4-H Clubs for their and other states horse project information. One that my daughter enjoyed and learned so much was the Equine Vet project; which led to a job drug testing race horses at the track in Seattle WA.

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