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  1. I love this post, but was looking for the one you wrote about having kids send out note cards. I know I read it awhile ago but didn’t pin it and can’t seem to find the article. It had so many great tips that I wanted to share it as I am trying to get my own kids in the habit of writing cards

  2. A couple of things we did when our children were younger:

    Volunteered at a food shelf – stacking shelves, removing out dated product and Eric got to cut of the cardboard boxes.

    Delivered meals on wheels. I drove because they couldn’t and would go up to the door with them but let them do all the talking etc. Soon they made friends with those on our route and were able to go to the door alone.

  3. I encountered you beautiful website this morning. I had taught Sunday School for about 18 years over my lifetime with most of it working with children under age 6. Your insight is fantastic. I have outlined my first book and will be completing the first draft for two vital chapters to submit to the publisher. Looking forward to reading more more information from your site.

  4. Wow, these are some great ideas to help connect children to the Lord and their communities! This little guide makes this daunting topic so much more simple! Thanks!

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