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  1. Thank you for reaffirming what I kind of ready knew. I closed the math book about 2 months ago for my 3rd grade son. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen much progress. So, I will be looking into Xtramath for him and see if that will help.

  2. We’ve had a long arduous journey with math as well. Thank you for the reminders here. Especially to go back to the basics. I hit massive walls with my son fairly regularly. We take it slow and eventually things click. My daughter is hitting a major math wall now and I am reminded from this article to make sure she knows the basics. Picking math curriculum is so very stressful!!

  3. Sometimes a Math vacation will help. I mean a vacation FROM math. Take off a week… or a month. Sometimes just letting a child get a week or two older actually helps them. When you come back – ease into math (maybe half the usual work each day). Also recognize WHY a certain skill is troublesome. Long division? That is just guessing, and maybe your child is not guessing well. Is the work messy? Use graph paper with one numeral or operation in each square. Talk about math – how many cookies do I need to bake so we can all have 5?

  4. This article hit so close to home, literally brought tears to my eyes. We are seriously struggling right now and it’s bringing out the worst in me as a parent and the worst in my child as well. Thank you for the extra tips and the little bit of hope that we will succeed and triumph against math 🙂

  5. Thanks for this great article, reminding us that just because it is difficult now, doesn’t mean it will always be hard. I especially liked your suggestion to read about math. Sir Cumference is a good series for middle schoolers. I also like to play math games to help my kids. like Ten Fish and Absolute Zero from Games by Absolute Zero.

  6. Appreciate this article and the info you shared. We’re on the struggle bus oner here but feeling better already. I was able to put the LOF books on hold from my library and we’ll give XtraMath a whirl.

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