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  1. What about an income from home? What can you suggest to a single mother of 7 children (ages 17 down to 3)?
    Home education is very important to me.

  2. I work a 24/48 firefighter schedule and do not have family that is able to help close by. I love your article but it has never been true for me. None of it. I really don’t understand how to apply these things. The homeschool Groups where we live are NO drop off even by a babysitter; babysitter can not stay with my child. Our area feels like anti-single mom everything especially from the church and homeschool groups. Go get government assistance I hear or quit your job, get a day job, even though I have two degrees and am working on a masters and preparing for medical school. I just can’t fathom your experience for myself and it hurts so much, wondering why God is silent for us.

  3. Heya.

    Well Trained Mind website is a good source of information on home education in order to start off with. Additionally you can see if you can find a home education group in your area to use for ideas. I tend to use it for all my homeschooling questions. Failing that you can perhaps attend a few free events in your local area for example at a garden centre or library in question. Good luck.

    Connect with your local church. Often times YouTube is full of useful videos. Interest magazines contain more relevant details on interesting topics as well. Have a look at a few options at a supermarket. Alternatively peruse books at a bookstore to find out more. Your local church often hosts events.

    Take a look at their website. I know that my closest garden centre also hosts events for families. I also know that the theatre is a good place to meet new folks. If you can do so, attend zoo and museum events. Your local weekly community newspaper will contain details on things to do. Start at the museums. Inquire directly.

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