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  1. What about an income from home? What can you suggest to a single mother of 7 children (ages 17 down to 3)?
    Home education is very important to me.

  2. I work a 24/48 firefighter schedule and do not have family that is able to help close by. I love your article but it has never been true for me. None of it. I really don’t understand how to apply these things. The homeschool Groups where we live are NO drop off even by a babysitter; babysitter can not stay with my child. Our area feels like anti-single mom everything especially from the church and homeschool groups. Go get government assistance I hear or quit your job, get a day job, even though I have two degrees and am working on a masters and preparing for medical school. I just can’t fathom your experience for myself and it hurts so much, wondering why God is silent for us.

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