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  1. Thank you for this blog post. A teachable moment occurred yesterday with my oldest son based on an audio book that I did not censor. He learned in this audio book that Babe Ruth smoked. He had graham cracker dippers that he said were his cigarettes. Unfortunately, I did not respond the best, but I did explain that during this time period that the health effects of cigarettes were not known, but now we know the health impact. In addition, we need to make our own choices and to imitate Christ not others. Wow! This was not easy, but I am glad that I did not censor the audiobook. He needs to understand to make good decisions when faced with many good and bad choices.

  2. Great article, thanks for writing it.

    Balance, balance, balance. At younger ages, I shielded my daughter from ALOT. Now, at 12, we discuss more … and explain why we shy away from some content. Having educated her in what is good and what is not helps her to discern for herself.

  3. Hi – I’m curious which homeschool history curriculum you are referring to (with the pagan worldview). Would you mind emailing me the name of it? I want to make sure I’m not missing something important!! Thank you!

  4. Yes! I completely agree. And we still read our storybooks to younger friends, complete with the black sharpie marks 😉 I definitely continued to edit and preview what my children were exposed to through elementary school and even today as they are middle schoolers. I wish I could read every book they read as a read aloud and conveniently adjust the language used when its inappropriate for no reason. Alas, we are beyond that point in their development and schooling. I still find myself doing it with the books we read as a family. We follow much the same approach of allowing more exposure to moral dilemmas with sound Biblical teaching and discussion. Many people are shocked I let my kids listen to Hamilton, but as a family of history buffs and music lovers we were captivated by the brilliance of this body of work. I was able to edit out the profanity and we skip two of the songs- one that refers to promiscuity and the other that details his affair. They can know he was unfaithful to his wife without needing to hear any details of what happened. This musical has provided countless hours of listening, singing, historical debates and discussions, independent research, history lessons, writing assignments, multi-state field trips, documentaries, and further reading. I hope to continue to teach discernment to my kids while at the same time helping them navigate culture.

  5. This has been an amazing read this morning, just wat I needed, thank you! I struggle with the evolution theory a lot. I believe there is a degree of evolution, we see it every day in the case of animals developing longer ears for better hearing or developing webbed feet for better swimming etc but I do not believe we humans were once monkeys and do believe that we were created in God’s image (which obviously means not as monkeys at any point!) do you have any suggested material to read to assist with this one please? x

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