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  1. Thanks for your uplifting posts. I live in Kenya and really enjoy your posts. I have three girls 6,5, and a two week old and I homeschool on a shoestring budget? .I thank God for every homeschool convention and agree with you…it gives me an extra reminder that I am doing the right thing. Blessings

  2. Do you know about the free homeschool convention going on at HECOA right now? This is my third year in attendance (online) and as always it’s amazing. True you can’t sit & pray with a friend but amazing speakers from around the world are brought right into your home via the Web! Check it out!

  3. Hi! We are excited to attend our first-ever homeschool conference and are super psyched that you will be speaking too! We look forward to saying “hi” in Pigeon Forge next year!

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