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  1. I love your goal setting idea. I may try to incorporate it in to my childs accountability binder…I think it would for a lots of my friends, unfortunately it wouldn’t go well with my family! My child has severe behavioral and mental issues and as much as I hate it…A plan must be in place and she must know ahead of time of any changes to avoid meltsdowns that last for hours or days…But maybe we will get to a point someday where we can be more relaxed!

  2. KIM! Are you in my head?! This is exactly my struggle – I’m so type A and hyper yet anti organized that if we get off schedule, I throw the whole thing out and wing my way through the rest of it, which drives me and everyone else batty! I may just have to try this out – but one question: How do you handle lessons that are on the last spot they left of, or in the middle of a page or not the start of a chapter? LOL

  3. I have all 3 children’s notebooks ready to go for school. Excellent product! Thank you Kim for helping me to become a little more organized, it’s a skill I lack in and have started praying for the Lord to help me with. =)

  4. I’ve tried 10-15 planners, and like you, realized it’s redundant. So I quit, then feel guilty for not planning. I like your packs, thanks.

  5. Thank you for sharing! It’s my 3rd year of homeschooling and I have struggled with the lesson planner each year feeling like a waste of time. I am using a checklist for my oldest this fall and it is much better already. Thanks again!

  6. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the Habits and Evaluation sections of this! I’ve got a planner right now that is working for us, but it’s really mine an not hers. I might try to see how I can incorporate this as her checklist. Thanks so much!

  7. Is it possible to purchase parts of this portfolio pack but not the entire thing? I am interested in 5 out of the 10 sheets.

  8. I really like this, but I just purchased a planner a couple of days ago online. I did read one blogger who said that she uses her planner to record what they did instead of what they are going to do, so I think I can combine the planner with your method, if I think that will work for us. This is our first year of homeschooling where I am being more intentional (I have a four year old girl and an one year old girl and everything before has been pretty much winging it on the spot), and I know that I have many years of trial and error ahead of me 🙂
    Definitely re-pinning for at least future use!

    1. I made my own lesson planner, but I write everything down in pencil. If something changes, I erase and write in what we actually did. If a box gets checked, we completed it. If not, at the end of the well, I shift things to next week’s plans. (I only write down plans week by week.) I have a year-long outline of what I hope to accomplish, and I try to anticipate what’s coming up for the next four weeks at the first of each month. But for most subjects, I am more worried about mastery than finishing the book.

  9. I love this ides because I got completely stressed last year (my first year homeschooling) when something happens (someone sick, having a hard transition to a stricter schedule, ect. )and then I was thinking “Oh no, now we are behind for the year- they are going to have to do extra days in the summer”.

    This takes the stress out however it makes me nervous not having everything planned out for the year . Do you have an idea of what materials and activities you will be doing to teach each subject? What does your Educational Snapshot look like? Do you just write each assignment the kids have to do as they do it?

    1. Most of the things we do simply make sense. Meaning, we just do the next lesson in the book. For a few things, I create a plan at the beginning of the year. This would be something like the books we plan to read in 7th grade. There is no set time frame, per say, but a list to follow. In the Educational Snapshot, I list curriculum or resources we use. I use one sheet per year. However, if you change often and/or don’t really use a single book of some sort, you could fill it out monthly. I know some moms who do that.

  10. Hi. I used your portfolio last year and although we weren’t 100% consistent it did improve our HS alot. My struggle is figuring out how to set up their work so they know what to do next. You mentioned that you don’t right out a schedule or plan but how do the kids know what to do next?
    I mean math is easy because u just do the next lesson but what about other subjects like IEW for example, do u write somewhere what to do for that day or week?
    Hope you understand what Im trying to say 🙁
    Thanks a ton

    1. I find that I don’t really ned to write it out. We always do the same things for each subject. However, if you do need to write it out there are two places that work for this. First, you can write it in the boxes at the top of the checklist instead of writing extra-curricular activities in there. I’ve also seen families use the calendars in the front for this purpose. Occasionally if I need to remind one of my children of what to do next, I’ll use a sticky note in a book, too. Hope this helps!

  11. Oh my Goodness I think this pin was just an answer to my prayers! I have been using an online planner that has been eating up so much of my time, I am now behind, frustrated and overwhelmed! I didn’t want to be a slave to a planner again, and was looking for something simple that could give us this kind of flexibility to pick up where we left off, but still keep good records and have my girls be accountable for themselves! I’m going to download all of this tonight and get started immediately! Thank you so much for this blessing!

  12. I so love what you do. I don’t do a lesson plan I have so much other stuff to do. I think I may try your idea.

  13. Kim,

    the link for the video tutorial gives a 404 error
    is there a new link or different instructions? I wanted to watch to amke sure I would be able to edit before purchasing

  14. Love the planner idea! I have 4 in school, plus 2 younger…it’s not like you have only one child either! So, my trouble, and therefore question is…how do you manage to look through and keep the accountability going for each of your children?

    1. For younger kids, they turn it in each day so I can make sure they are staying on track. As they get older, the frequency is less. My teens only turn it in once a week at most.

  15. Thanks for sharing all of the helpful information. I was wondering how and when you schedule in assignments that need one on one tutoring time with mom? This is an ongoing and almost daily need (especially with my son).

    1. I only work with little ones and I schedule that in daily. If anyone over 4th grade needs specific help they can grab me anytime without the need to be scheduled. They know I won’t babysit them and they must come with specific questions after having read the text themselves. Hope that helps.

  16. I have a quick question…Can you given an example of what you write for a subject in the “Educational Snapshot?”

  17. I can’t find the link to click on to get to this weekly checklist? I don’t give grades but it would be good to use as a spot to check and make sure they did a good job or not. Thank you!
    Also, I use a separate piece of paper per kid for what they are doing in school that week…do you use the weekly checklist in addition to that?
    I really enjoy what you put out. Thank you!

  18. Maybe this is stupid – do you keep the weekly checklists? I mean, at the end of the year do you have a binder full of them? Do you save that for all their school years?

    1. Yes! I keep them in a binder as a portfolio for the year. We keep them in the attic forever so we have a record of what we’ve done.

  19. I’m new to Not Consumed but you are my new Shero and I am excited to implement this among other strategies you have!! I’m a bit consumed with reading all your awesome articles. THANK YOU!

  20. I have a question! I am a single mother as well and would like to try to homeschool my kids. What kind of work do you do that allows you to do both? Are you working from home? Outside the home?

  21. Hi Kim. Your information is so refreshing! Thank you for sharing!
    Do you use your weekly grading for your end of year grading? I am not so crazy about grading but feel it is important to keep track of where my kids experienced challenges or where they were fine, or did really well. I live in South Africa by the way and have 3 kids.

    1. Yes, weekly grading can be used for year-end grading averages. 🙂

  22. Hello, I can’t find the student record & planner. This link is not working for me to purchase it. Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Emily, The planner in this post has been discontinued, but we have a new and improved planner coming this spring, so please keep an eye out for that!

  23. Will you ever sell a PDF of your planners? I have 4 kids so spending 100$ every year on top of curriculum is a bit of hard breath on top of the moms one.

    1. So sorry to hear that, Sherri! We are not able to do that at this time due to certain components of the planners.

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