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top 20 Christ-centered Christmas read alouds

All of this talk about Advent has sparked lots of fun questions from readers. One of which was to a request for a list of the books that I share with my children. Of course, there are so many wonderful books on the market, this list is just a sampling of our favorites. Please leave some of your favorites in the comments so we can all enjoy!

I just love Christmas stories. Whether wrapped under the tree or in a basket to enjoy, theseChrist Centered Christmas books will help you keep your focus on the real reason for the season.


Books that tell the story of Jesus…

717997: Tiny Baby Jesus

This is my absolute favorite Christmas book. The story looks at each of baby Jesus’ features: fingers, feet, shoulders, mouth, arms, knees and heart. First we see how precious He was as a baby and then how He used these features to serve and love others. For example, his wrinkly, knobby knees were the same knees that knelt before the Father in submission to the cross. It’s a beautiful story and brings me to tears every time we read it.


384210: This Is the Stable

This book is a classic repetitive rhyming story that accurately tells of Jesus’s birth. The illustrations are full of beautiful colors and I love the way that Joseph is depicted as patient, wise, and guarding his family.

853500: The Stable Where Jesus Was Born

This is another rhyming book that simply and plainly tells the story of Jesus’ birth. The illustrations are very different than the book above, but still beautiful.


011360: The First Night

The First Night is a very simple text book for even the youngest of hearts. The story tells of that special night with precious illustrations to follow.

712121: We Believe in Christmas

We believe in Christmas follows a family around town and through life as they celebrate Christmas through all of the normal activities. Each page shows how to look for and find Christ in the season. It highlights a Christmas play at church, bell ringers, decorating the tree, carolers, etc. On one page, there is a depiction of Santa. This page says (And should they whisper “I believe” when sitting on his knee, whisper, ” I believe this more,” and there Christmas will be.”) The illustrations are lovely and I simply love the heart behind it.

Books that tell the story of Jesus with a fictional element…

17488EB: Jacob"s Gift - eBook

This story is a fictional representation of the story of Jesus. The boy, Jacob is a gifted carpenter who builds a trough that  just so happens to be needed for a resting place for the KING. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is precious. Most of the book is Biblically accurate, with the story of Jacob being a realistic, but fictional event.

318070: The Crippled Lamb

The Crippled Lamb is one of the kids’ most beloved story. It is also a fictional representation of the story of Jesus’ birth. Joshua, the little lamb is deemed worthless due to a crippled leg, but God has a special plan for him. On that special night, he is needed to keep the King warm when all the other lambs were out in the field.

430690: Clopper the Christmas Donkey

Clopper is engaging for all ages. It is fictional in the sense that the donkey is talking to us; however the story of Jesus’ birth is not compromised. The illustrations are bright and fun and each page contains a scroll with corresponding scripture. The thing I really like about this book is the interpretation that the donkey puts on the story, causing the reader to think about the stench of the barn, the cold of the night, and the excitement of the moment.


Books that explain the symbols of Christmas…

708915: J Is for Jesus: The Sweetest Story Ever Told712165: A Star for Jesus708745: Jesus, Me, and My Christmas Tree, Large Board Book

I love this board book series from Zondervan publishing. Not pictured are two more titles: My Christmas Stocking and Christmas Angels. The books are simple enough for young learners and perfect for beginning readers.These books are not deep theologically speaking, but we have enjoyed them greatly.

21247: The Legend of the Candy Cane

If you don’t own this book, I would highly encourage you to add it to your wish list. A quiet man becomes the talk of the town when he opens a new candy store on Christmas Eve. His gift to all is a beautiful candy cane, designed to tell the story of Jesus’ birth through the staff and the story of His death through the stripes. It’s a must-have book for any Christmas collection.

Books that tackle the question of Santa…

071755: God Gave Us Christmas

I absolutely adore the pictures in this book. The love between the momma bear and her cub is precious, but momma’s love for Jesus shines through in the most beautiful of ways. In the story, Little cub wonders if Santa invented Christmas. Momma takes him on a journey to see the magnificence of the world that God created and the gift of his Son, the Light of the World and the Bright Morning Star. It’s beautiful!

158X: Mommy Was Santa Claus Born on Christmas Too?
I am very fond of this series of books. The author tackles many difficult subjects that Christians face when they chose to celebrate a little differently than the rest of the world. In this particular story, Mom and Rachel are baking sugar cookies when Rachel expresses her confusion over how Santa fits in with the story of Jesus’ birthday. Mom takes her through a historical journey explaining the story of St. Nicholas and how that evolved into the modern day version of Santa.

Stories that highlight Jesus through other means…


14809: The Pine Tree Parable, The Parable Series #4

This series is another one of my favorites. There is one written for just about every holiday. It’s full of scripture and a beautiful lesson. In the Pine-tree Parable, a farmer grows Christmas trees to support his family. One day, the family gives up their prize tree to a family in need. The story is such a beautiful picture of God’s love for us in the gift of Christmas.

6093EB: Tiny Snowflake Picture Book - eBook

This story isn’t about Christmas exactly, but it’s such a sweet winter story of a snowflake who has trouble believing that she is as beautiful as the others. Through the story she learns that God created all things beautifully and wonderfully and that she has a special purpose just the way God created her.

823193: The Christmas Candle

This story is a beautiful tale of generosity. A young man is given a special candle that shines on people and shows their true need compelling the man to help.

A few stories that aren’t about Jesus, but are still super fun…


743864: The Nutcracker

We enjoy the story of the Nutcracker and this particular book is just right. The illustrations are gorgeous and there is just enough story to captivate.


115690: The Twelve Days Of Christmas251610: Gingerbread Friends221920: The Wild Christmas Reindeer

Jan Brett is one of my favorite authors as her stories entertain any age and her illustrations are beautifully unique. She has many books centered around the holidays. Some with Santa, some without. Personally, we love the 12 Days of Christmas and all of the Gingerbread books that she has written.


Please, share your favorites with us!


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  1. Cheri fruits says

    You have many of our favorites! Each year I wrap our christmas books and the kids unwrap one a day and many we do a special activity with also. One book we love that you didn’t mention is The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, a sweet story of the nativity. You have to check it out!

  2. says

    My kids love “Room for a Little One”, but the real hit at Christmas is always “Mortimer’s Christmas Manger”. It’s the story of a mouse that discovers the true meaning of Christmas after repeatedly evicting “baby Jesus” from the warmth of the nativity scene the home’s family had set up when he becomes unhappy with his “dark, cold, creepy” hole in the wall.

  3. says

    I am going to look for some of these to add to our collection for next year!
    My favorite that we already own is “Who is Coming to Our House?” where the barn animals are preparing the stable for Jesus’ arrival. I’m already excited to read it again this year.
    “Christmas in the Manger” by Nola Buck and Felicia Bond is a sweet board book for young children.
    And the “Poky Little Puppy’s First Christmas” isn’t a Christian book, but it is a cute story of how the puppy learns that he gets just as much joy out of giving a gift as he does getting gifts.
    Planning to wrap my books tonight to start off the Advent reading tomorrow night!

  4. Michelle Stone says

    We have “the Christmas Child” and “Jacob’s Gift” as one-night read alouds However, ever since listening to radio theater broadcasts out of Moody Bible Institute as a kid, I always think of the book, “Treasures of the Snow” at Christmas time. This one will take several nights of reading but is such a great story with a wonderful lesson of forgiveness

  5. says

    This one isn’t really a Christmas book, but it is one of our favorite books. The Three Trees. If you haven’t read this story, it tells the story of the life of Christ as seen through the eyes of 3 trees that all had magnificent dreams of how tall they would grow and how great their uses would be. And all 3 trees were used for simple, lowly things, but all used by Jesus. I always need a tissue to read this one.

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