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  1. I would add cardstock and dry erase markers for all those laminated activities 🙂 maybe even velcro dots. I laminate like crazy! I will have a kindergartner and 3rd grader this year with an 18th month old to keep things interesting. My littles love dry erase activities and center games they can do over and over.

    1. Wow Heather! This fall will be my first year homeschooling my soon-to-be 5 year old. I also have a 2 year old. Any tips on wrangling him while big brother is doing school work?

      LOVE this list btw!!

      1. Have your two yr old join in once in a while :). With your oldest only being in kindergarten it will give your two year old a chance to learn a little too and they like it believe it or not :). This is our third year our twins love it. Good luck :).

      2. Make a music videos playlist with music your 2yo may like, things like simon says things that make you move and sing, play in you homeschooling pc when you need to really be one on one with your 5yo. Hope this help.


  2. I love, love, love this list! Thank you so much. I cant wait for my son to b old enough to start. Im so excited!!

  3. Great list! I would add a three hole puncher,2 inch binders, subject dividers, tape, and a stapler! Those are items I use on a regular basis. I keep all my kids completed work in 2 inch binders organized by subject with subject dividers. It’s nice to look back and see the progress they make in a year, my kids even enjoy looking at the completed work from previous years and remembering different activities that we did!!

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  5. Cardstock and dry erase markers YES! But some of your list seems overkill to me. Maybe it’s because my kids are spaced out and have different needs but two boxes of twistable crayons and three boxes of colored pencils fit the year is plenty for our house. Can’t seem to keep enough glue sticks though lol

  6. I like this list but I also find lots of stickers and craft stuff for science and art projects when they are supper cheep this time of year.

  7. My friend went shopping with me the other day & thought I was crazy buying all I did. I have a 5th & 6th grader & help purchase for my 3rd & 4th grade niece & nephew.
    I bought like 10 packs of crayons ($.25), 10 colored pencils ($.50), 10 markers ($.50), glue ($.50), 20 composition books ($.50) & 50 spiral notebooks ($.17).
    I like to be prepared when I need it & not have to pay more after the season.
    If I have extra, we will use it or donate it.

  8. Dry erase markers, tape. One thing that I wanted to tell you is that if you buy a good pair of scissors, there is usually a lifetime warrenty on them. So you would be looking at just buying a few different sizes (depending on the number and size hands using them) and if there’s a problem, contact the company and they send you a new pair.

  9. I find if I wait till school starts, most of all of this goes even cheaper as they want to clear stuff out for Halloween. I agree with Ticonderoga pencils-we just won’t use any other kind other than my older kids prefer the mechanical pencils because they are great for sketching and are always sharp so if you have older kids, load up on those too. My kids won’t use pencils and I find they prefer colored pencils and skinny markers. Spend the extra bucks for three whole puncher, a good electric pencil sharpener and stapler. We also stock up on highlighters, dry erase markers, stickers and glue sticks. Buy the good glue sticks-they are worth the extra money. Then also look for cheap, small marked down toys esp. During holidays and put them in a surprise box. We use those as motivators for the younger kids. They don’t care if it’s a spider ring from Halloween or a wind up Santa. Anyway, great list! Also buy a few extra of art pads and pencils ect as they make fast and easy birthday gifts.

  10. I would agree with whomever in the comments mentioned binders, 3-hole punch, cardstock. I would pick up some extra printer paper. Seems we go through a lot of that. (I can’t remember if that was mentioned.) As for the crayons, colored pencils, and such, my kids have never gone through that much per year. I would play it by ear, or pick up extras when they start clearancing out supplies.

  11. I have just started blogging about homeschooling and I stumbled ( by Gods will I’m sure) to your blog. What an amazing resources you offer. Thank you, you are truly inspirational.

  12. this is by far the best list i’ve found so far. thank you. that seems like a LOT of glue sticks, crayons and pencils though! do you really go through that many per student?

  13. Thank you for this list! Im starting my first year of homeschool with my 1st grader. In kinder, they had us buy an INSANE amount of everything mentioned above for the classroom from each parent! So none of it seems like overkill to me. Im excited to get started!

  14. This is by far the best homeschool advice and compiled information I’ve seen on Pinterest. I should say to fit my needs as a 3rd year, homeschool mom.

  15. I noticed you said you use the notebooks for devotions in the morning. I’m looking into something like a devotion journal for my 10 year old. Would you mind sharing what you do with the notebooks exactly?

  16. I would add index cards. They are useful for so many things! I’d also add looseleaf paper, folders, and White Out for myself.

  17. I am so grateful I found your site! This will be my first year homeschooling, which I never imagined I would EVER be doing.

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